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Six Feet Under In LOVE

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SUICIDE! The word caught your attention. Didn’t it? Suicide catches everyone’s attention...but it’s the actions that lead to it that go unnoticed. When a person commits suicide everyone blames them and pities them for having ended their lives, but very few seem to care what might have that person gone through to take one of the most hardest decision of ending their life over problems that they could no longer endure. Change is inevitable and everyone has their own ways of dealing with change, whether good or bad, things are never how they seem to be, nothing remains as we expect it to be. Some people survive change in ways unimaginable, while some fail at it miserably and with lost hope decide to end their journey of life.


Especially in the life of young celebrities where everything they do, is sold as a story on the media it is very hard to deal with that much of expectations from people who pass judgments without even knowing what really is going on. Suicide in the film industry has been a very popular and common crime. Celebrities that are showcased to have the most perfect lifestyles are the ones who mainly go through the pressure of concealing their deepest emotions in order to spare their fans the disappointment of watching their idols face problems. Actors like Prathuysha Bannerjee, Jiah Khan, Divya Bharthi, Silk Smitha, Nafeesa Joseph and Viveka Babajee were all well known and glorified for their bubbly and bold on-screen appearances. When the news of a celebrity suicide breaks in, it not only disappoints the public but brings in a sense of deep discouragement among their fans that once idolized them. It often seems as if those, who are most vivacious, experience despair in proportion to their joy, they seem to swing wildly about the neutral average.

One thing most common in all these cases is that the reason for their suicide has allegedly been a failure in relationships and emotional stress caused by them. These celebs have everything at their beck and call. They have the money, the charm, the fame and almost all luxuries that average people their age wish to have. The only thing they seemed to have lacked was the kind of love they desired. A lack of understanding in their respective relationships that failed to save them. The human heart is a fragile thing. It desires unconditional, unlimited love and to be loved for who it is, not what it can be made into. However accompanying the search for this love is a great risk, the risk of rejection. The chance that the one chosen to love and who's love is desired will not reciprocate those feelings. If they do return your affection, there is always the chance they may change their mind later on. Not all love stories happen to end happily as seen in movies. In the case of Pratyusha's suicide, the reason seems to have been her constant compromise in the hope of a happy relationship and the lack of understanding shown by her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh.

Though they seemed to be a happy couple on social media, the latest investigations have revealed through close sources, that the main reason for her suicide must have been the dominating and overly controlling nature of her boyfriend who would impose stringent terms on her, to which she would give in just to save her relationship. Abuse and mental harassment also has been reported as a factor that led such a young and exuberant girl like Pratyusha to take this drastic step. Few emotions are more memorable or consequential than regret. A breakup, death, or any traumatic event conjures up intense emotions that seem impossible to remove from memory. The memory of a regretful event plays on an infinite loop in the mind of those affected, constantly reminding them of the problems of the past and making them wish for an escape from their emotions.

Rahul's restrictions on Pratyusha also included her not being allowed to talk to her family. The problem with most women in India is that they create false hope within themselves, in order to secure their future with their partner. We tend to hope that it'll get better with time if we listen to whatever is told to us by our partners, but the truth is it never gets better until we decide to change it. The more we give in, the more will they impose. In the process of saving our love we lose ourselves.

Pratuysha's suicide should be, but a point of realization, to many vulnerable young girls in love who tend to endure all sorts of physical and mental torture in order to save their relationships. It demonstrates that none of us is immune. If a celebrity can commit suicide, then all of us are prone to the same terrifying vulnerability. Most of us assume that relationships can be worked out if we give in to the demands placed by our partners. No relationship gets better with compromise or changing oneself to fit into the comfort zone of the partner. It can be devastating to realize the falseness of such tempered optimism. It is just another form of self destruction.

Suicide is a crime of loneliness. What chills your spine when you come across an account of suicide is not the frail corpse hanging from a window bar, but what happened in that mind just immediately before. It proves time and over again, that the ultimate aloneness in each of us, is finally unchallengeable.


Carol Pinto is an aspiring journalist from Mangaluru, pursuing her education at Nitte Institute of Communication. She loves writing and believes happiness comes by living for others.



Like [2]Dislike [0] #7 Sohrab, Bangalore2016-04-18
Attractive topix. Very well written. Mai tera Fan hogaya.
Like [1]Dislike [1] #6 Sohrab, Bangalore2016-04-18
Very well written. Topic is the best.
Like [1]Dislike [1] #5 Prem Rathan, New Delhi2016-04-16
very beautiful girls photos. sad to c that they are not here,
Like [1]Dislike [1] #4 Joseph Rodrigus, Mumbai2016-04-16
very nice article, reminding of horror days. shashi taroor's last wife murder is still mysterious.. please write one article on that, govt may solve that murder case soon as we all know the murderer,
Like [9]Dislike [1] #3 Jithu, Mangalore2016-04-14
All six actors are as beautiful as the writer. unfortunately not as brilliant as this writer. this proves that mere beauty is not important. girls should develop courage and read much.
Like [5]Dislike [1] #2 Mohan, Mangalore2016-04-13
very nice article this. a new angle probe needed in to all these suicide cases.
Like [6]Dislike [1] #1 Saleem Khan, Mangalore2016-04-13
Feel sad when I see these beautiful faces. All RIP.

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