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Tuesday, 24 February 2015 02:56

Jet Airways to connect Mangaluru with Riyadh, Madinah, Jeddah, Dammam

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Mangaluru: A long-cherished dream of thousands of expatriates from coastal Karnataka living in Saudi Arabia is coming true, finally! India’s second biggest international airline is now all set to connect Mangaluru with four prominent destinations of the oil rich kingdom.jet

Jet Airways has decided to connect Mangaluru with Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah and Madinah with the help of a code-sharing agreement with Etihad Airways.

UTK Asif Jet airway 3

In a fruitful meeting held in Bengaluru on Monday, U Harish Shenoy, General Manager (Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh), Jet Airways, told U T Khader, the minister for health and family welfare, Karnataka, and Mohammed Asif, the CEO of Amaco Group of Companies and founder of Coastaldigest.com, that the operation of new flights would start in its new summer schedule effective from March 29, 2015.

The development comes three days after Union Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati asked the duo in New Delhi to directly convey their demand to Jet Airways promising the ministry’s nod for the launch of new flights.

Code-sharing flights

Positively responding to the demand Harish Shenoy said that his airline would make use of code-sharing agreement with Etihad Airways to facilitate an easy journey for Mangaluru expatriates in Saudi Arabia.

From March 29, Jet Airways will operate daily flights from Mangaluru to Abu Dhabi and then on to four Saudi Arabian cities-Riyadh, the capital of the kingdom, Madinah, one of the two most holiest cities for Muslims, Jeddah, the largest city in Makkah Province, and Dammam, the capital of Eastern Province, through its counterpart, Etihad Airways.

Jet Airways and Etihad Airways recently expanded their code-sharing agreement, and Mangaluru, is one of a few Indian cities to get connected under this.

Passenger friendly

One of the benefits of this code-sharing flights is that passengers would always clear immigration at the first point of entry no matter where their final destination. A Saudi-bound passenger from Mangaluru is not supposed to pass through immigration during his layover in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, passengers who travel between Mangaluru and Saudi Arabia through code-sharing flights are expected to pass through customs check and collect their luggage only at their final destinations.

Launching ceremony

Jet Airways has decided to hold a formal launching ceremony of its new Gulf flights at Mangaluru International Airport on March 29. Siddaramaiah, the chief minister of Karnataka, U T Khader and Asif Amaco are expected to be the guests among others. U T Khader is expected to fly into Riyadh on board the inaugural flight. He is expected to take part in an interaction with Mangaluru expatriates in Saudi Arabia to be hosted by Coastaldigest.com.

Direct flights to Saudi

During Monday’s meeting in Bengaluru, U T Khader and Asif Amaco urged the Jet Airways to consider launching direct flights from Mangaluru to Riyadh, Dammam and other Saudi Arabian cities apart from code-sharing flights that would compel passengers to spend a couple of hours at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The duo also handed over the feasibility report on connecting Mangaluru directly with Saudi Arabian destinations to Mr Harish Shenoy. The report is based on a three-year-old survey conducted by Coastaldigest.com among expatriates from coastal Karnataka in Saudi Arabia. Mr Harish Shenoy said that Jet Airways would take a decision in this regard within a couple of months. Presently, only Air India Express is operating direct flights from Mangaluru to Dammam via Kozhikode.

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UTK Asif Jet airway 2

UTK Asif Jet airway 4



Like [0]Dislike [1] #50 abdulkhader master, Jubail2016-06-16
Really a good news. Not only for Mangaloreans but also for the Kasaragod and adjacent Districts.
Like [0]Dislike [1] #49 Ansar Saidu, Jeddah2016-05-17
Masha Allah, Great News... Thanks for those who are working behind this.. And we are eagerly Waiting...
Like [1]Dislike [0] #48 Gagan.B, JEDDAH2016-02-09
This there any direct flight from jeddha to Mangalore
Like [0]Dislike [1] #47 Well Wisher, Jeddah2015-09-08
Any update...????
Like [3]Dislike [2] #46 aharkul, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia2015-03-30
We no need such flight. We need direct flight from Riyadh to Mangalore on immediate effect.
Like [2]Dislike [2] #45 Syed Mohiddin Saheb, Sastan / Muscat2015-03-26
Al Hamdulillah. Good news to Mangalori saudi arabians. Let us hope for Muscat Mangalorians also. Monopoly of our National Carrier will stop the hike in airfares in seasons. Just set go from Mangalore to Muscat return by Jet
Like [2]Dislike [1] #44 sunilraj, Riyadh - Udupi2015-03-12
this is truely a dreams comes true for all of our karavali people who are all in Riyadh and other regions of K.S.A. but we all hope that very soon the direct flights will starts from Mangalore to Riyadh & other regions of K.S.A.

Like [4]Dislike [1] #43 Iqbal addoor, dammam2015-03-04
masha allah mabrook thanks for all
Like [3]Dislike [1] #42 Iqbal addoor, dammam2015-03-04
masha allah mabrook lt's good news thanks for all
Like [1]Dislike [1] #41 TABREZ AHAMED GOLIHOLE, Riyadh2015-03-02
It's really good news. Better last than never. At last the dream comes true, for what we expecting last long. I would like to thank The Honorable Minister Mr. U. T. Khader, Mr. Harish Shenoy, Mr. Mohammad Asif for their good effort. I wish you good luck and all the best for their good work.
Like [2]Dislike [2] #40 A Razak Jokatte, riyadh-kea2015-02-28
Good news
Like [3]Dislike [0] #39 A Razak Jokatte, riyadh-kea2015-02-28
It's a great news alhumdulillah and special thanks 4 Asif amaco and UTK .jazakallah khaifal assalam alaicum warahmathullahi wabarakatuhu.
Like [1]Dislike [1] #38 A Razak Jokatte, riyadh-kea2015-02-28
It's a really good news 4 all
Like [3]Dislike [1] #37 Farhan Hassan, Mangalore2015-02-26
It a good news for saudi expats but not wow one.
As a jet airways employee i know that 9w and ey are throwing away seats in great price. A lots of people were flying with 9w through blr, as in ixe-blr-auh-jed. Compared to this route the new one will be more convenient and short. So all in all the passengers will have an option rather than having nothing.
Like [11]Dislike [3] #36 Yun, Mangalore / KSA2015-02-26
Yes, It was a good effort from Mr. Asif & UTK.

But I deeply regret to fly with JET Airways, You can give them 0 out of 5 stars. Definitely one of the worst Airlines. You can change a name them as a "LOOTING AIRLINES", They never decrease a fare at least once in a year. Many people struggle to go to their home country because of high fare.

Also this is not a direct routing from IXE to JED,RUH,DMM & MED. Since they have tie up with Etihad so they have fixed their game plan to make people as fools.

I would request CD to make a discussion with civil aviation Minister by inviting Saudia, Etihad & Emirates to fly direct to Mangalore, Since they are already flying directly to Calicut & Bangalore.

If we get direct flights from any of these three Airliners (Saudia/Etihad/Emirates) then definitely it will be a fantastic news for all the expats from Saudi Arabia.

In Sha Allah, Hoping for best in future.
Like [4]Dislike [3] #35 ABV, K.S.A2015-02-26
AIR INDIA PLEASE TAKE REST....It is is right time to privatize
Like [9]Dislike [0] #34 ibrahim, mangalore2015-02-26
Dammam Via Abu Dhabi, is that direct flight?? we spend couple of hours in Abu Dhabi and expected to reach Mangalore 1:00 PM, So better fly Jet Dammam Via Mumbai -Mangalore reach 10:30 Am
Like [1]Dislike [1] #33 thameem, kwt2015-02-25
Great news... Alf mabroooook for soudi expats.
Like [6]Dislike [0] #32 Syed Kazi, Mangalore2015-02-25
Most of the passengers are looking for direct flights . Is it possible to operate 4 flights a week for Jed - Mangalore - Bangalore. Similarly 3 flights a week on Riyadh - Mangalore - Bangalore... jeddah flights will always be FULL because of Haj / umrah pilgrims....
Like [5]Dislike [1] #31 Unun Hasan, Mangalore2015-02-25
Dear Asif/Kader bhai, carry on the good works. Our compliments to u as a team. We believe that you have been trying to get the most required runway length, which the authorities say is now shorter than the minimum. May Allah make it easy for you to achieve. Inshallah Allah. Wish you two all the best. Of both the worlds.
Like [5]Dislike [1] #30 Suleman Byari, Udupi2015-02-24
Some thing is better than nothing.
It would have been more convenient if it would fly directly to Mangalore. I don't think people have time for connecting flight. This is almost like direct flight via Mumbai.
Like [7]Dislike [3] #29 RAFIQ MANIMUNDA, Riyadh2015-02-24
It's really good news for all of us here in Riyadh., It will be better than via mumbai...hassle free transit and long immigration queue.
Thanks and appreciated the efforts of Mr. Asif ,UT Khader and all.
Jazakallahu khair.
Like [3]Dislike [2] #28 M Althaf, Jeddah2015-02-24
Indeed a good news..Highly Appriciate your efforts Aachi..and special Thanks to UTK for being always with you for every good cause..
Like [3]Dislike [0] #27 shareef, kasaragod2015-02-24
It's good news tnx
Like [2]Dislike [3] #26 Ahmed, K.S.A2015-02-24
I would like to thank Union Aviation Minister and Mr.Harish Shenoy Jet Airway's
Like [3]Dislike [1] #25 Ahmed, K.S.A2015-02-24
Masha Allah Alf Mabrook Mr. U.T Khader and Mr.Asif Amaco Jazak Allahu Khair..
Like [3]Dislike [1] #24 Hameed Anekal, Dammam, K.S.A2015-02-24
Its a Great news!!!, thanks for Mr. Asif & CD.
Like [3]Dislike [1] #23 Hameed Anekal, Dammam, K.S.A2015-02-24
Its a Great news!, thanks for Mr. Asif & CD.
Like [6]Dislike [3] #22 Jagadish, Riyadh K.S.A.2015-02-24
Really a dreams comes true for all of karavali people stays in kingdom as some said that simply early morning killing in Bombay, same time we can spend with our honor family. And the monopoly of Air India will completely distroyed. Good news to all of us Thanks
Like [4]Dislike [2] #21 franklin, frank2015-02-24
east or west you are the best
Like [3]Dislike [1] #20 arif, Pakshikere2015-02-24
Great Job Mr. Asif Bhai. Allah Bless u
Like [6]Dislike [2] #19 Abdul qayyoom, jeddah2015-02-24
Great Job from Coastal Digest, hope direct flight from Jeddah to Mangalore very soon, Special thanks to Jet Airways
Like [4]Dislike [2] #18 A. Mangalore, Riyadh.2015-02-24
First of all my heartiest thanks to Mr. Asif along with Hon'ble Minister Mr. U.T. Khader for their continued effort.
The present arrangements of Mangalore-Riyadh via Abu Dhabi is 75% trouble releaver for Mangaloreans .
We have been experiencing the hassle in Bombay is well known.
We have to get down from the flight in the runway and they take us thru coach to the airport it normally takes atleast 20 minutes trouble. Then huge cue in the emigration and security check etc... then wait for connecting flight .
If it is through Abu Dhabi - we can change the flight within the airport avoiding all the hassle.
If the airlines authorities feel happy with the high passenger then they may fly direct from Mangalore to Riyadh in a very near future.
Like [7]Dislike [2] #17 ahmed, jeddah2015-02-24
we need direct flights to jeddah from mangalore.. or else it doesnt make sense..
Like [5]Dislike [1] #16 Arnab Emme Swamy, Old Delhi2015-02-24
The nation wants to know why international airlines like Etihad Ariways which provide better facilities for cheaper cost are not allowed operate directly from Mangaluru. Indian government and private airlines are indeed looting Indians.
Like [4]Dislike [1] #15 Sameer, Jeddah2015-02-24
Congrats CD for the persisted follow up...
Do we have to collect our luggage by ourselves in AD? or it will be transferred to our respective connecting flight?
Thanks a lot...
Like [7]Dislike [1] #14 Ibrahimmulky, Mulky/Riyadh2015-02-24
Thanks to Mr. Asif Amaco & U T Khader,
Whatever the connection at last they bring the smile on many faces. we have to appreciate,
Thanks CD for bringing this news.
Like [9]Dislike [1] #13 Syed Kazi, Mangalore2015-02-24
Good efforts. As I said earlier, Mangalore can be connected to Saudi only thru Jet/ Ettihad via AbuDhabi.... Air Arabia is connecting 13 Indian cities thru Sharjah.....EXCEPT Mangalore. Any how Mangaloreans in Saudi can be benefited thru Jet. Riyadh and Dammam passengers are having good connections. But Jeddah and Madina Passengers have bigger transit time.... If the ettihad flights from Jeddah / Madina are adjusted by one /two hours, then every one will have NICE connection... Here are the timings... Flight from Mangalore lands at Abudhabi at 20.10.... Onward flights to Dammam at 21.40 Jeddah at 2.00, Riyadh at 2.10 , Madina at 2.05...... Mangalore flight leaves Abudhabi at 8.45.....Flight arrival from Riyadh 7.00, Dammam 6.50, .. Flight from Jeddah arrives at 9.00 and from Madina arrives at 8.45.... IF these two flights are adjusted to arrive earlier, then ALL be having a happy travel provided the FARES are reasonable ( Jet is known for looting like AIE )
Like [5]Dislike [2] #12 mohammed rafiq, riyadh ksa2015-02-24
Great news
Like [4]Dislike [3] #11 mohammed rafiq, riyadh ksa2015-02-24
Really very good news we are happy for that news riyadh to Mangalore make a direct flight .really great jet airways
Like [4]Dislike [2] #10 Abu Yusuf, Jeddah/Mangalore2015-02-24
What advantage does this have to Jeddah and Riyadh bound passengers? Flying via Bombay is far more easier. Only direct flights will solve problems (with more legroom..otherwise SV or AI is better than this BBR)
Like [3]Dislike [2] #9 Basheer Aramboor, Sullia2015-02-24
Good news........looking forward to fly to Mangalore without connecting via Mumbai. it will boost the job opportunities, companies willing to recruit the candidates directly from M'lore, earlier due to poor connectivity company executives are refuse to conduct interviews in Mangalore.
Like [6]Dislike [2] #8 moinu, buraidah, KSA, kanjar katte2015-02-24
Special Thanks to Mr. Asif amaco. From 3 years your are spend valuable time to get direct flight from RUH to IXE. Alhamdullilah . this is first step, inshallah one day we will fly directly to managlore.
Like [6]Dislike [1] #7 Rithu, Riyadh2015-02-24
Very good news. Air India Express monopoly must come to an end. Thanks everyone for this giving us this good news.
Like [4]Dislike [1] #6 abutalmiz, ksa2015-02-24
good news for west and central saudi expats. the need of the hour to break the air india monopoly
Like [8]Dislike [1] #5 Zakir, Mangalore2015-02-24
Great job CD boss....continuously dedicating and utilizing his valuable time for the cause of gulf expatriates...and deserves huge appreciation for it....
Like [3]Dislike [3] #4 ashish, mangalore2015-02-24
@ifthikar u r wrong all emigration and baggage will b throw to mangalore which will help a lot, by the way we are satisfied with what we got something is better. Hope even direct flight also will b very soon.
Like [8]Dislike [6] #3 ifthikar ahmed, dubai2015-02-24
This is nothing new just dust in the eyes of mangloreans in saudi. previously they used to transit through mumbai but now it is in a international destination in abudhabi who would either spend more time or same through this new transit point. maybe at same price or higher.
Like [7]Dislike [2] #2 Ashish, Mangalore2015-02-24
G8 news u have done it cd n utk remarkable work special thax to asif for ur tiredless effort n pain to see smile on face of so many mangaloreans its something came to me as surprise gift n a very good news to hear about madina
Like [7]Dislike [1] #1 Sana Khan, Bhatkal2015-02-24
It's a good news. Start of Mangaluru to Madinah direct flight is really awesome. Thank u jet!

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