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Wednesday, 27 February 2013 19:26

Jubail: Six students killed, 10 injured as SUV rams into school bus

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Jubail, Feb 27: At least six school children were killed and more than 10 sustained severe injuries when a luxury sports utility vehicle rammed into a school bus on the Road No 1, in Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Wednesday.

Officials said that sixteen boys and girls were on board the school bus belonging to Jubail International School, when it was struck by a speeding and lane-jumping Toyota Land Cruiser.

The Land Cruiser jumped its lane and veered to the right, then crossed into the school bus’ lane. The Land Cruiser struck the bus on the left rear corner, slicing through the body and killing the six children instantly.

The collision also partially collapsed the roof of the bus. Others were seriously injured, according to eyewitnesses at the scene.

Police officials said that the bus driver, a Sri Lankan, survived the crash uninjured and immediately called school administrators, who rushed to the scene.

The number of injured students, both boys and girls, were not immediately available. At the scene, one boy with a head injury was placed on the ground and had his head wrapped in a scarf to serve as a makeshift bandage until medical crews could aid him.

Traffic police and other security personnel rushed to the scene within minutes. Jubail Traffic Department Director Col. Saud Al-Otaibi and senior officers of the Red Crescent, Civil Defense and the Royal Commission took charge and directed the emergency and rescue efforts.

The injured were taken in ambulances to the Royal Commission Hospital and Al-Mana Hospital.

Onlookers that gathered at the scene severely hampered rescue efforts, traffic officials said.

Parents and relatives of the victims, who rushed to the scene after hearing about the accident, were crying hysterically.

Jubail International School is part of the Al Hussan International School system and caters to well-to-do expatriate families. It has two separate divisions, a boys section and girls section on the same campus.



Like [0]Dislike [1] #20 Khan, Dammam2013-03-02
This is heart-breaking news. As father I can feel it deeply when all of a sudden you lose your child due to the fatal mistake or dangerous wreckless driving on roads. Recently I sent my children to Pakistan to School near our home because of these School Buses or dangerous driving here on the highways. Even then I used to take them to School myself because I could trust drivers but what about local driver wreckless driver such this Land Cruiser who would hit anyone in any lane regardless how expert and careful driver you are. The mosr Scary thing for me here is to drive on these roads esp this Road between Jubail Industrial Zone where cars are speeding like Formula 1. The only way forward to be vigilant while driving and look for such idiots to avoid them and make sure you make good use of your surrounding and mirrors I mean the fast lanes.
Like [0]Dislike [0] #19 Majid Hanif, Al-Khobar2013-03-02
So sad to hear this shocking news , but Saudi Government should pass a law to have seat belt for all school busses , and the present person inside the bus make sure kids proper sitting and to buckle up the seat belt.
Like [2]Dislike [1] #18 Saleem Kana, Jubail2013-02-28
Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilahi Rajioon
This is one of d dangerous highway in jubail. U can find accident almost 3-4 days of the week. Even though derz no radar on dis way. Most of young saudis involve in such kind of reckless driving bcoz of a very poor traffic rule (which is not followed at all). Here the traffic rules r made only for expropriates dat too for those who r non arabs.
Still v can avoid minor or major accidents by implementing very strict traffic rules for all d drivers.
Like [4]Dislike [3] #17 Saqib, Jubail2013-02-28
It is high time that trafic authorities should enfore strict speed check on this express highway one. Wonder why it is not done although accidents are very common on the stretch. Not even a single radar check is there?? (The dummy boards saying "110 radar enforced should be immediately removed") Perhaps waiting for such a big catastrophe to happen. The Dammam jubail highway upto downtown jubail is well monitored and there is a noticeable decrease in rash driving / overspeeding. But why this onwards road to indutrial city is left out??? My son studies in the same school.
Like [10]Dislike [2] #16 Kalandar Kausar, yanbu2013-02-28
Inna lillah wa inna ilahi rajeoon May Allah Almighty give Courage to Parents of the Children to Bear the Loss Ameen...
Like [11]Dislike [3] #15 Nazir hassan, jubail2013-02-28
"La haula wala quwatha illah billahil alie"l azeem"....

All of us pray to get recover soon and give peace to the parents of all the childrens who is occupied in bus.

Saudi arabia must bring strict rules on drivers & arrange all the vehicles speed not above 120-130 only on main highways and 80-100 on local high like the accident are regularly occuring.
Like [14]Dislike [3] #14 joshi, al jubail2013-02-28
6 persons dead in this accident.i was there after this accident happens ..lets pray for them
Like [18]Dislike [2] #13 Nihal Mirsad Hoque, Al-jubail2013-02-28
My friend suliman died in al-mana hospital he's from jordan, and 6 other students died in that spot. Everyone please pray for them. May Allah send them to Jannah ameen.
Like [8]Dislike [2] #12 Muslisham Omar, Jubail2013-02-28
This is really a very tragic and shocking news. I hope Saudi government could immediately open up an investigations and bring the criminal to the justice.

I was made to understand that the bus was ride by 27 children aged from 6 years old up to 12 years old where 8 of them died and many were reported severely injured.

I wish Saudi government could come out with more effective recommendation to prevent the recurrence of this tragic incident once and for all..

At the same time I pray to Allah to give strenght to all the involved family to face this difficult and hard time.
Like [12]Dislike [2] #11 Arvind Kumar, Jubail2013-02-28
6 children were lost in this tragic accident. Let us pray the Almighty to give strength to the grieving families
Like [9]Dislike [2] #10 Bilal Iqbal, Pakistan2013-02-28
Sad part is that other media is quiet. Had it been a non-Arab; there would have been so much hype that one can imagine.
Another ludicrous thing - dead bodies cannot be taken to homes of those parents from the hospital. Imagine what mothers are going through!!!
Like [9]Dislike [2] #9 Bilal Iqbal, Pakistan2013-02-28
Driver of land cruiser died on spot. Death toll has gone up to 7. Innocent children.
Like [9]Dislike [2] #8 s francis, jubail2013-02-28
May all those who met with the accident get well soon.
Traffic rules have to be made more strict in Saudi . only when they near the check points, the rash drivers slow down. even those who pass ahead give signals to those who follow them so that they can take precaution.This has to be changed.innocent ones suffer not the ones who violate the rules.
Like [6]Dislike [2] #7 Rose mary, Jubail2013-02-28
Let us pray for all the departed soul.amen
Like [8]Dislike [2] #6 jubail, jubail industrial city2013-02-28
One of the son of Mr. Amer (member parent teacher counsel) also died. Inna lillah wa inna ilahi raheoon. May allah grant patience to the bereived family.
Like [7]Dislike [2] #5 Abu - Affan / Adnan, Dammam2013-02-28
"La haula wala quwatha illah billahil alie"l azeem"....
Like [15]Dislike [3] #4 Masood, Karachi2013-02-28
I think the driver of the land cruiser should be punished,these high speed cars can be fatal,we should always remember that speed thrills but it kills, not only that mistake is always of the person who hits from behind.I am a mother and I know how much effort and work is done to raise a child. What a loss.After this incident some concrete steps should be taken by the ensure safe driving on highways.
Like [13]Dislike [2] #3 Rayyan Moosa Hamza, Jubail Industrial City2013-02-28
I heard this shocking news when I started leaving for work in the evening shift. Though we cant judge the root cause of the accident as of now, drivers should bear in mind the seriousness of safety while driving. Wreckless driving and overspeeding should be avoided at any cost.There are innocent children, women, elderly people on the road and we should feel responsible for everyone. May the Lord Almighty save us from such ill-fated events and provide courage and patience to the kiths and kins of the deceased.
Like [6]Dislike [7] #2 sherin, jubail2013-02-27
Like [18]Dislike [2] #1 Bilal Iqbal, Pakistan2013-02-27
My cousin's son died - the only casualty!

May Allah give parents and relatives courage to bear the loss. Amen!

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