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Monday, 08 April 2013 19:44

Akram Hasan from SDPI to take on U T Khader in Mangalore

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akramMangalore, Apr 8: Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), which shot to popularity in Mangalore after its surprising victory of in one ward of Mangalore City Corporation, is all set to keep its best foot forwards.

Dakshina Kannada District Committee of the party has said that it will be contesting in Mangalore (Ullal) constituency and has finalized the name of Akram Hasan as its candidate for the constituency.

Mr Hasan will face U T Khader of Congress in May 5 Karnataka Assembly polls.

Informing the same District committee Member Nawaz Ullal in a press conference said that Mr Hasan is not a new face or a novice as far as social service is concerned. He has taken active role in literacy movement from 1990. After working for a Kannada daily for several years, he now owns a website. He is the head of the media wing of the party and also holds membership of the state committee of the party.

Last Friday, Bahujan Samaj Party State President Manasandra Muniyappa and SDPI State President Majeed Kodlipet held a joint press meet in Bangalore and released the first list of candidates for the assembly polls.

With the two parties joining hands with each other, SDPI will field candidates in 25 constituencies in Karnataka.



Like [3]Dislike [1] #178 Manaf, Malappuram2013-04-14
All the Best Akram bai.... We are Proud of SDPI....
Indian Muslims will retain there Glorious PAst in ONE Day ....
Like [3]Dislike [0] #177 azzharee, Bangalore2013-04-13
Have you ever tried to file an RTI Requisition Application asking the works done, grants sanctioned, donations contributed by U.T Khader towards the people of the M'lore Constituency?
If NOT, they you must Try! Then you'll uncover his about corruption/adjustments+ghabans, double standard, interfaith-communalism-formula of dividing different Muslim groups & earning their favours separately by his Funds-Adjustment formula.
Like [3]Dislike [0] #176 ParweeZ Hussain, Addoor, Mangalore2013-04-11
Dear Nisar, Mangalore,

Can you name a single SDPI leader who is living a luxurious life?
Bro, do not comment blindly just for the sake of doing it, look at the statistics and the fact. Think and comment.
Allah and the Community was always with us. Hence, we could win so many seats in the past ULB polls including a MCC seat.
If you go through all the comments, it is very clear that Congress Supporters are placing more and more harsh comments with vulgar verbiage...
Like [11]Dislike [0] #175 zubair, konaje2013-04-11
dear frinds
pls compare policy of sdpi and congress, as per muslims concern congres allways betrayed muslim. so muslims natural choice is sdpi. if we keep telling bjp will winif we votef ti sdpi then we cannot empower even 100 years. now time has come after 65 yrar in indipendent india muslim never thought of political pasrty , result we are more backward. mow new party come pls unite muslim indai and dalith will jointly fight for their comunity equal political right. joining hand with bsp is anotherr good work of sdpi.
i know wery well campare to u t kader and his family. akram hasan and his big family working for muslim couse more. akrams grand father kudroli hasanabba haji was great leader of muslims. enitr family of kudroli hasanabba u can find somany sociel workers, writer, educationist, good doners, govt officer ... so on even some of their female family members are also active comunity workers. but u cant find this quality in ut kader fanily . even tyhough they got 6 times mla by muslim votes . they need only muslim vote . they never talked in assembly on muslim issu. then why we vot congrs candidate. so alt list 40000 muslims of ullal voted to akram hasan . he will win and he will rise voice on muslims in vidana souda.
so pls awake and act against congress. since 65 year congress cheated us now time has come tach lesson to congress. pls vote sdpi
Like [4]Dislike [8] #174 Nisar, Mangalore2013-04-11
Just wait and Watch what reply u will get from muslims u initially started telling your for muslims now u are against muslims how about your leaders who are enjoying the luxury they were nothing when joining this party muslims are watching your harsh comment shows that you are worried about your funds ...Allah Will teach u good lessons with No time,,
Like [21]Dislike [0] #173 Azeez Sdpi, kolnadu2013-04-11
GOOD move by sdpi by feilding akram hasan as a candidate in ullal. i witness his concern on human being and muslims. his and his family in largy realy doing a lot of work to soceity.
Like [15]Dislike [0] #172 muhammed thanzeel, ullal2013-04-10
Our full support and dua with you. All the best Akram Hassan....
Like [16]Dislike [1] #171 abuzaid, Bikkarnakatte, Mangalore / KSA2013-04-10
I dont understand whether commenting people are supporting UTK or Congress or Muslim candidate. If they need to see Muslim candidate emerged as winner then Think other way,
Let Mr. UTK keep out of fray and give chance to SDPI candidate as he too is muslim. All the people support SDPI and see the difference, if no any change found then UTK can contest again.
Like [17]Dislike [0] #170 Ismail, Mangalapete2013-04-10
Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore, where are you hiding? You have no power to stand against the flood of comments? By the way you shouldn’t be shocked, usually there are good support all over for SDPI & here in this portal too. Only few with Jealous in their hearts are anti SDPI. “Nanjig Medicine ille”

we PFI are supported K.M Ibrahim ( A Muslim candidate) at Bantwal against Ramanath Rai (not only Hindu but Hindutva Activist) that time also you people commented with same words with different tune saying PFI is dividing Congress votes. Now you people started saying SDPI going to defeat one of the Muslim MLA. My question is why you people not supported K.M Ibrahim to win in this constituency as a Muslim?
Like [14]Dislike [0] #169 irsha, Dubai2013-04-10
dear brother S.I.Hassan, Udupi ,, dont think with micro minded , think about those children who are forced to drink fuel and burned ,, those children who were thrown to the wall held by legs ,,,,oh Community wake up before it could happen to your child ,,,lets save INDIA from CONGRESS , its common that common man do not understand the changes during the transforming of power from Oppressor(Congress) to The helping hands(SDPI).

pls people like NZAEER , do not stick to the party again and again , SDPI not like you that only look at ULLAL , but INDIA as Whole ...

Jai Hind ,Jai karnataka. and JAI SDPI
Like [10]Dislike [0] #168 Mohammed, saudi Arabia2013-04-10
One more puppet of congress opened his mouth.
Dear All, when you are commenting others, be ready to accept the same from others.
Its like boomrang.
SDPI..CARRY ON your good works. we know how much u are struggling to get justice for marginalized people.
All thye best SDPi...we are all with..in sha allah...we will succeed one day...All thees puppets of congress will open their eyes......
SDPI Zindabad....
Like [10]Dislike [0] #167 irsha, Dubai2013-04-10
#8 Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore —

Mr Nazeer , your words shows who you are , and UT khader is your choice ,,let readers decide who is best , party leader for community , or community leader for community.

atleast try to build the habbit of reading news paper or go to ULLAL and see the ground reality ,,,,,,, do not comment mindless . Rasool (s) never did such thing in life is did not used harsh words like you are doing .....

SDPI Zindabad
Like [12]Dislike [0] #166 Abdul Hamid, Dammam2013-04-10
Mr. U. T. Khader is a right person in wrong party; it is high time for him to change his party and mind. Let him join SDPI and contest in same constituency. Dear Muslim brother and sister don’t believe congress and its chelas, they are more danger than BJP.
Like [1]Dislike [9] #165 Amin, Mangalore2013-04-10
Whatever the comments UT Khadar will win the election because of his good work done in Mangalore
Like [9]Dislike [0] #164 sk, mlore2013-04-10
@Faisal Dammam

My friend let me tell you very simple logic here.

If SDPI get at least 15 seats also from entire karnataka it is very beneficial for community as well as other deprived people if society.

If Mr. Kader wins he will only be another small muslim MLA of congress without having any say in policy making, decision and governing.

So if SDPI wins in mang north its plus point...think
Like [10]Dislike [0] #163 ashraf, jubail2013-04-10
Can any one ut and sonia fans post ut photo protesting favour of muslim community on road or some where.
Like [2]Dislike [0] #162 Iqbal, Bangalore2013-04-10
My only one reqeust with you is your these kind of comments should not affect any kind of probable alliances between SDPI and Congress in Ullal
Like [4]Dislike [23] #161 Faisal, Dammam2013-04-10
Wah. too many coments. Earlier also I have notice that these SDPI/PFI people dont ready to accept any criticism agaisnt them. They always attack back with harsh coments to those who write against them. They behave like BD/Ramasene goondas of muslim comunity. Here they try to justify thier or thier leaders act and funny to read thier justification as if they took the patent of protecting muslims of india. Where were these ppl when a journalist and budding scientist got arrested? what did they do to release them? now dont come bak and ask what congress did, I am not the suporter of congress but congress dont come and collect money here on the name of religion. Stil you have time to withdraw ur candidate aginst UT Khader. if not its high time ppl realise their drama and reject them. Atleast we used to pay them in ramdhan as charity hereafter no more...
Like [15]Dislike [5] #160 Musthafa, Mangalore2013-04-10
@ Riyaz Arkula: The future is not in our hand. The number you mentioned there may go down or up. But one thing which I can guarantee you and all of our CD readers; Muslims will succeed in teaching a good lesson not only for Congress but also to all those who played with us since last 6 decades. It’s the vision which takes us to different heights in life. Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. The future belongs to the people who believe in the beauty of their dreams. When BJP talks about transforming Karnataka into Gujarat, We Kannadigas will achieve our goals and tell them “We will make entire India, a Karnataka Model”
Like [2]Dislike [20] #159 Kareem, Mangalore KSA2013-04-10
These SDPI members background is red. They are cheating the people and collecting money. Their leaders in Mangalore never had bicycle before 5 years now they are roaming around with ac car , from where these millions of rupees came to their pocket? this is not political party , they are black mailing other political parties to demand money by keeping their candidates. One day you will come to know about these peoples real drama. In Saudi Arabia some misguided boys helping them by not knowing their leaders true color.
Now who will pay them to spend 25 candidates expenses??? from where the money comes??? don't trust this party leaders and their mini leaders in the gulf country.
Like [6]Dislike [10] #158 Munaz Dubai-Kallapu, Dubai-Mangalore2013-04-10
Its not good sign,U T is one of the best muslim leader v have,against him wrong decizion SDPI.
Anyway all the best for both,Allah is the best planner!!!
Like [13]Dislike [3] #157 Iqbal, Jubail2013-04-10
Well said "Riyaz Arkula, mangalore". Please brothers try to understand the importance of SDPI. So far we have given chance to all so called secular parties by voting them. Lets give a chance to bring SDPI in power. May Allah guide us in right path.
Like [6]Dislike [7] #156 bilal, riyadh2013-04-10
very nice comments.
Muslims are well divided as usual. Very good example giving to non muslims. Modi and bjp may be celebrating. It is better some muslim independent candidate also to contest so that we can make easy way to chandrahasa to have mandahasa. What ever may be the good intention of sdpi.....actions is totally in favore to bjp and rss.
The result will solve the confusion among the readers. Then only the reader can judge the intention of sdpi. Sdpi could have nominated some hindu candidate to show their secular vision instead of creating such division.
Like [2]Dislike [16] #155 Kareem, Mangalore. kSA2013-04-10
Sdpi worked against ramanath rai last time ; they could not succeeded. In krishnapura people wanted to defeat gulzar banu , thus they voted sdpi (not for it's candidate or the party, it was a negative vote) now they feilded against u .t. Khader . These jealousy and corrupt leaders of sdpi wants to spoil muslim votes in ullal to revenge against mr. Khader. Insha allah they will be defeated in a manner that these corrupt leaders who became millionaire in a few days could not show their face. Allah is great. These people can grab few muslims votes but majority of muslims and hindus , christians in ullal likes u t khader because of his secular mentality and hard work.
Like [3]Dislike [0] #154 Abu zaid, Kwt2013-04-10
Mr.#139 hamid, mangalore...well said i m fully agree with you.
Like [2]Dislike [5] #153 zakir, Mangalore2013-04-10
SDPI, you should expose yourself in the place where there is no muslims contesting. So, your ultimate and main aim should be to increase muslim representatives in the assembly to fight for muslims causes, may Allah help you on this and now you should withdraw your candidates from the place where muslims are contesting and help them to win seats.
Like [16]Dislike [1] #152 Wasim, Kaup2013-04-10
Dear Brothers,
We are seeing the comments flying since couple of days after SDPI announces the candidature for Ullal assembly constituency,
Firstly we have to think what congress has done for our community? They were showing fear of RSS & BJP and getting our votes? Is true…
BJP was in power for 5 years in Karnataka what did they did for our community? Nothing same like congress.. So we need to think there is no difference between these parties.
I don’t think SDPI is against U T Khader, but against congress ideology,
Where is our great Poojary he wants to skip ticket of M Bava from Surathkal, why he wants to contest again from Mangalore? Although we have more than 4.5 lakhs of Muslim voters in Mangalore Lok Sabha why congress does not want to give representation form Muslim community, why this old Poojary want to again contest from here, I was reading news of press conference held by him in Municipal election in that he was telling that do not vote for SDPI & JDS if so BJP will win this was tactic done by congress in past 65 years for Muslims.
Did Congress raise its voice against murder of MD Jabbar& Advocate Naushad Kasmiji, no because they don’t was to support us, we are not against UT we are against congress..
SDPI won against EX Mayor because we deserve that win so we won….
Since last 9 years congress is ruling in center, why did not implement following commission reports,
Like Sachar, Liberhan, Nanavathi etc..
Cow slaughter bill is implemented in congress ruled state like Rajasthan & Maharashtra why?
Like [1]Dislike [7] #151 Nisar, Mangalore2013-04-10
Riyaz Arkula Mangalore.. Wake Up Good Morning....come out from Dream
Like [12]Dislike [1] #150 Jafer, Ullal2013-04-10
If U.T Khader should come out of his anti muslim soft hindutva party and contest on either SDPI or atleast as independent candidate...
Like [14]Dislike [0] #149 Ashraf, Jubail2013-04-10
In Sha Allah victory is for truth only.
Like [3]Dislike [7] #148 iqbal, mangalore2013-04-10
innalillahi vahinna elai rajihoon
Like [27]Dislike [6] #147 Riyaz Arkula, mangalore2013-04-10
Election calculation-
2013 election result:

ULLAL : Congress- 45,000 votes, SDPI-15000 votes, BJP- 48000
BJP wins

Mangalore north: Congress-29,000, SDPI-31,000, BJP-28,000, KJP-19,000, JDS-4,000

Mng Souths:
Congress- 42,000, SDPI- 13,000, BJP-50,000,
BJP wins

Cong-39,000, BJP- 45,000, SDPI-20,000
BJP wins

Cong- 42,000, BJP-44,000, SDPI- 11,000, KJP- 5000
BJp wins

Mulki Moodbidre:
Cong: 35,000, BJP 50000, SDPI-11000, JDS- 15000
BJP wins

Cong: 50000, BJP 58,000, BSP-13,000, JDS- 15,000
BJP wins

Cong-48,000, Bjp- 55,000, SDPI- 8000
BJP wins

so 'buddivantha' Congress understands that because of SDPI it lost 8 constituencies in 2013. So in 2018 election cong take wise decision it makes alliance with SDPI and it contest in 5 places and leaves 3 places for SDPI . Cong- SDPI alliance grabs all seats of south canara.

By SDPI winning few no. of seats in karnataka and will become king maker. muslims of karnataka get a strong voice in vidhana saudha. Indian muslims bigone glory and dignity begins from tippu's karmabhoomi karnataka. SDPI will be role model by its clean and corruption free politics
Facism in karnataka will starts diminishing. SDPI fights and provides all the constitutional rights of muslims, dalits and backward classes insha Allah

so for all this bright future Vote for SDPI

Every journey of thuosands of miles... starts with small steps.

Unless a community wont intend to change, Almighty will not change that comuity. (holy Quraan)
Like [13]Dislike [1] #146 zia, mangalore2013-04-10
after reading several comments i think that most of wrote against sdpi,they dont know why sdpi made.sdpi is a political party of our better tommorow. ut is our family friend and good human being but as others said he is tide his hands to his party.may be he done lots of social works, give a chance to akram hasan definetly he works double than ut just only 1 year that much faith is there insha allha
Like [14]Dislike [1] #145 Thameem ullal, kuwait2013-04-10
Mashallah..thanks good clarification of u.a rahman, abushameem. Mohammed . Now we can say we are not against u.t khader we against congress it's making muslim vote bank. So just give chance to sdpi. Freedom hunger and freedom from fear.
Like [12]Dislike [0] #144 Asif, Sharjah2013-04-10
Our full support and dua with you. All the best Akram Hassan....
Like [21]Dislike [1] #143 irsha, Sharjah2013-04-10
Summary of Congress rule in India…
Use of government machinery to retain power
Use of draconian laws like TADA, UAPA, AFSPA
9 out of 10 major communal riots during their rule
Babri masjid Demolished in Congress govt
IPL scam
2G scam
CWG Scam
VVIP Copter Scam
coal Scam
Minning Scam
Setup of enquiry commissions like Liberhan, Sri Krishna, Rajendar Sachar, Ranganath Mishra – which are never meant to be implemented!
Nothing for the AAM AADMI
Think 100 times before voting congress
Ruled for 54 out of 64 years! BUT Muslims of india Still living in fear, hunger!!!!!!!
Now time To Change
SDPI- It is open to all marginalized sections of society – Dalits, Christians, farmers, Adivasis and Muslims
Corruption free
Pro-people policies
In 20 districts in Karnataka and 23 states in just 2 ½ years! Still growing.

Like [4]Dislike [0] #142 Ibrahim, Al khobar2013-04-10
Dear shaan mangalore....
What a joke, corporator hayaz who defeated mayor also muslim....... Dont you know.?
Like [9]Dislike [0] #141 Ibrahim, Al khobar2013-04-10
dear congress fellow,
Why s d p i getting popularity, because of theire work, mr. Also muslim he is not hindu... Congress served a lot but sahachar report told waht ? Do you remember.....
requesting you people to give a chance to work backword community not only muslim....if althe muslims vote in fevor of akram he will definetyly win..... Muslims candidate only will win....
without power they work very hard and if they get power then all the development will be easier..... Give a chance to sdpi then see the truth.......
Like [10]Dislike [0] #140 Anand Kumar, Gangaghat2013-04-10
Dear brothers,
1>In politics, the victory of any candidate is the victory of the common man who is the voter.Provided the politician delivers.
2>What we need is politicians who will bring in more positive action once they are elected.We are mostly seeing only acts.
3>Having been a journo he would have been exposed to a lot of different problems and suffering of people across cross section of society.
4>Hope he learnt something from his experiences and recollecting them will work for people if elected .Good luck to this gentleman Mr Akram on his maiden foray into politics.
Like [15]Dislike [0] #139 hamid, mangalore2013-04-10
Congress supporters, don't look in to only ullal muslim,talk about atelast Karnataka muslim,,I am not a SDPI member, never congress. This congress party smashed total inidan muslim community. Next time may congess will not give ticket to khader,, what u guys are going to do..ex--jafer sherief,BA umrarabba,ibrahim vttla,mideen bawa,,.I request to all congress supporter,see other places of Karnataka, most of the muslim are living in slams..after independence karnatka ruled by congress party..this is muslim tragedy people know what congress is..but still supporting for personal gain.atleast SDPI trying pressuring congress to change their mind..thats we all should do it..other side most of the supporters of congress are somewhere expecting from them self. This is nothing but taking bribe.if they bargaining with other political party what is wrong on it..this is political filed, have use some hickmath..don't write anyting because u don't like SDPI,,
Like [16]Dislike [7] #138 shaheer ahmed, Bangalore2013-04-09
shame on u people who putting comments against SDPI... Sdpi is only hope for Muslims of India not only for mlore... Its great move from SDPI by contesting in Muslim majority place.. Sdpi you will definitely win.. Keep moving .. Sdpi zindabad.. special thanks to all commentators for giving publicity for sdpi..
Like [15]Dislike [5] #137 Ahmed, Bangalore2013-04-09
How many paid congies posting here please raise your hands.
Like [16]Dislike [4] #136 yakoob milan, riyadh,2013-04-09
Dear all,

Comments against SDPI and its Candidate. So It is very clear that they cant digest SDPI popularity and may have doubt on those comment. Because JDS and CPI always keep Muslim candidates past several years in Ullal against congress. That time No one raise their voice to unity at community. And Please note that SDPI not against Mr. Khader. It is against congress who got our community vote past 66 years. congress should review agenda on secular INDIA.
Like [5]Dislike [31] #135 Mohsin, Dammam2013-04-09
My dear muslim brothers, please stop donating this communal "sdp" they are misusing our hard earning money.
Like [14]Dislike [3] #134 Reader, India2013-04-09
If SDPI dividing Muslims votes. Last time in ULB election so many places congress won the seats. I think now congress got scared. Why we are getting tensed ? Let it go fair. Let us work honestly. And let the best candidate win. There is no rules In constitution that 2 Muslim candidate cannot fight in one place.
Like [22]Dislike [4] #133 U.A.Rahman, Riyadh2013-04-09
Of course Mr. U.T.Khader is a good candidate for congress in Ullal to sweep Muslim votes, but please my friends did you people found any benefits from congress party to poor Muslims, the answer is No. they are fooling us by giving some one side comments in the media that they are the well wishers of Muslims, why should we Muslims scared about B.J.P ? why we are not scared about Congress ?, The truth is that Congress is really more dangerous than B.J.P, its a slow poison to All Indian Muslims, surely one day will come soon that day all muslim will against Congress , I am sure B.J.P just avoided us from eating cow but congress avoided us from all of our rights, the rights which Indian Constitution given us Congress just avoided to reach that rights to Muslims ,the rights of education , the rights of Government Jobs, the rights of strengthen our community , all these are refused to muslims from Congress party to just keep us a vote bank nothing else, we always suffered from Congress party ,Narendra Modi only killed 2,000 muslims but Congress killed lacks of Muslims everyday , I can give you thousands of examples if my muslim friends needs here. Is there any Muslim Chief Minister in India from Congress Party ,no not at all because we muslims are Innocent and we will vote Congress party in any condition ,they know this very well , thats why Janardana Poojary told Muslims will vote Congress if they get Bella and Bajil from them , really shame on us we dont have particular aim with us , we dont have guts to powerful in Indian Politics but we are the trump card in election because we are nearly 20% of total population in India but we are the last persons in the society who didn't get all kinds of rights to live in India, So please my friends think twice before voting to Congress , I am sure if we are united then we will won no BJP will come never Congress also will fool us , we can make change , the voting power with us , common friends do a change for muslim community, May Allah guide us to choose a good party which will help to Muslims and also other community .
Like [17]Dislike [4] #132 yasin, m'lre2013-04-09
wlcm #Mr.Akram Hasan....u hve made #Mr.kader more alert on his duty.as a result expecting more develpmnt in society, specially in muslim community. Lets meet in battle field. Jai ho...Mr kader.
Like [22]Dislike [5] #131 mohammad asif, buraida2013-04-09
after election,Mr UT khader will joint to SDPI
Like [22]Dislike [6] #130 Sahodara Yanbu, Yanbu2013-04-09
Brothers think twice ...before commenting anything..congress party is having some limitation ..even UT khader / any other congress muslim leadres too...

SDPI dont have any limitation to work for backward community..

Did u ever saw ..congress or UT khader protesting for muslim community...!! bcz he have limitations...

Lets hope for good ...SDPI zindabad...!!
Like [4]Dislike [27] #129 haneef, mangalore2013-04-09
what a shame,,,, we know that you have taken money from BJP, one group as done the sting SDPI very soon your reallty will come out... your meeting was held in presence of RAHIM Uchil, we have compleate story and meeting of that, dont worry will expose very soon...
Like [20]Dislike [5] #128 mohammad rafeeq, mangalore2013-04-09
Dear brothers, just think for a while. Even after 65 years of independence the ruling Congress, BJP have nothing done for the progress and prosper of Muslims and other downtrodden communities. Instead, the Muslims are lagging behind from all communities. The situation of Daliths and tribals were also worse. The Congress is always interested in the lobbying and policy making which entertain the Colonial (American and Western) bosses. When the injustices done to Muslims, the Congress never turn up towards Muslims. Say for example, Babri Masjid, fake encounters, communal clashes, denial of reservations, fascit attacks, etc.

The Congress, is interested in only Muslim Votes. But they never and ever like the Muslims come forward. Just see, the present politiucal scenario. Congress do not give sufficient tickets to Muslims.
See for example, Janab Jaffer Shareef, He is a good Muslim leader. But, deliberately sidelined.

When election comes, the modus operandi of Congress is just giving assurances to Muslims(we will give that, this, etc). They trying to scare the Muslims by just showing BJP(If you dont vote Congress, BJP will come). As far as i am concern there is no difference between Congress and BJP. BJP is a visible cheater and communal. But, Congress is a Big cheater in publi8c and communal at the background.

Dont vote, Congress and BJP. Support the other parties who work and think for the welfare of the common people and the wellbeing of the society.

SDPI Zindabad.
Like [14]Dislike [6] #127 dharmu, saudi arabia al-taif2013-04-09
Mr.khader is very good person but everybody knows very well congress is a another part of rss and bjp ...i would like to request for all voters please tell to your mla mr. U.t khader drop the congress party and join the sdpi... If people like u.t khader he will win defenetly win sdpi, if people dont like he will not win, that time we have to think people like congress not khader....ex:before udupi and chikmangalore election lost jayaprakash hegde , because only one reason independent,but now he enter in congress he win again....so we have to think people like congress and cast. Not good...most of the people dont no congress is a dangers of india..india developed in minutes to minutes but poor people stay in same place.. But when sdpi came they took poor people , they show what is our responsibility...before i hate sdpi, but now we need change i support sdpi....i would like to ask congress supporter till now y they will not selected muslim prime minister or chief minister in karnataka....
Like [18]Dislike [3] #126 shareef Mohammed, Riyadh , Saudi Arabia2013-04-09
Assalm Alaikum ...Brothers i have seen each and every comments for the contesting of Akram Hassan in ullal Assembly constituency ...

Brothers ...SDPI is the political party for changing Indian current situation and for the total empowerment of Backward classes (This is is not only for Muslim’s but also every marginalized sections in our country...If we are refrain from this assembly we are going to loose five years in our development and showing the support or willingness of the people of this our ambition... Even we leave this contest, how many years it will continue? Before we Are supported independent candidate against D.B .Chandre gawda at Chikamangalore, when he was in Congress, that time also we faced same problem from many of the so called secular people..After some time every one understood the second face of this D.B Chandregowda...And we are supported K.M Ibrahim at Bantwal against Ramanath Rai..That time also we had same problem..(Even K.M Ibrahim is a muslim..) .Now some body is telling SDPI going to defeat one of t he Muslim MLA. Then why this people are not supported him ( K.M Ibrahim) to win in this constituency as a Muslim?.Even we have the same pressure in Narasimha Raja Assembly also, If we leave from this constituency also , How we will continue as a political party? I have to say that,,, SDPI is not a political party to whom , they have two decision or not a strong in their decision…

I hope that you will understand this my voice...
Go ahead SDPI……
Like [1]Dislike [1] #125 sk, mlore2013-04-09
Being just/impartial is not an easy thing.
Like [4]Dislike [19] #124 Thanzeel, Kuwait2013-04-09
In many of PFI/SDPI speeches, they always stress that Muslim representatives are very low compared to the other castes in all the fields including Politics.

But when we have one good Muslim represent in the Assembly that also from our region, they are trying to defeat him and helping the Communal party to win.

By fielding your Candidate in Muslim Winning constituency, what the message you are passing to the society?

Can SDPI clarify this???
Like [18]Dislike [4] #123 Riyaz Arkula, Mangalore2013-04-09
Some people here are accusing that RSS is funding SDPI or sdpi joined hand wd BJP.... These are gimmics and cowerd play of congress. Every one knows PFI only taught muslim community that RSS is our day night enemy. PFI only shown guts to react RSS in all the way. PFI did awareness about RSS and its agenda. Then will PFI will support BJP or RSS ..? NEVER untill sun and moon exist.
Now about contesting...
UT Khader is a good man in person but not congress.. Congress ruled this nation more than half century & muslims made them win in hundreds of places & never go against it ever. But still muslims are the most backward community of India even they are more backward than SC & ST...! they fooling muslims by making commissions when muslims of india oppressed and depressed, like Liberhan commission, sri krishna comsn, Nanavathi comsn, Sadashiva comsn, Sachar comsn, rangnath comsn etc... but no single commission's recommondation has implemented. Because there are about 40% people in Congress are RSS members then how can indian muslims trust congress?
Know politics....
the people who are commenting here should think maturely and write honestly. If UT Khader is sincere in serving people he should come to SDPI leaders and discuss about why they are contesting against him. thats democratic way.
If UTK agrees to fight issues of muslims what SDPI is fighting for and ready to discuss in vidhana Saudha then there will be positive result. But unfortunately he cannot talk about issues of muslims like reservation in education, govt jobs, in private sector, representation in vidhana saudha, parlement... fixing youth in terrorism cases etc
But he cannot talk about muslim issues... if talked he will be another Anthule of maharashtra (framed as communal & will be sacked or cornerised)
Like [21]Dislike [5] #122 S. M. Nawaz Kukkikatte, Udupi2013-04-09
Most of readers are against SDPI just because nominee file against UT Khader in mangalore.

So here we discuss with some conclude

1. UT Khader is a muslim candidate so whatver his ideology or any thats should comes from Congress Highcommand.
2. Development it should be a part of winning process.
3. Here in this place SDPI announced nominee just because majority of muslims voters compare to other places
4. No diffrence Between Congress or BJP because muslims comunity face both party rule.

We saw last 60 years Congress ruled and but the fact still muslim community not in progress
whoever congress supporters just go back history of nation and realize where we are ? we are only vote bank for congress

Some of our borthers commented SDPI / PFI caders are are selfish. ALLAHA only knows who are selfish and who are safe.
SDPI shining in very short period just because of ALLAHA help and prayers of majority of muslims and humankind people

think postive


SDPI calling support to give chance to changes on vote not against muslim candidate.
Like [8]Dislike [3] #121 Musthafa, Mangalore2013-04-09
As we have freedom of press, as a reader, I have every right to write comments to your news. It’s not fair to support the people you wish. Let the readers honestly post their views.
Like [11]Dislike [2] #120 Kaizer, Mangalore2013-04-09
I feel pity on these guys who comment on material matters, whenever there is a communal clash or stone pelting cases at masjid or brutalities to muslims pops in news portal i can see few comments, but here its other way round, it clearly indicates how people are envious. If you think contesting against MLA UT KHADER is not a right move, then why didnt u all protest against those who vote for BJP, common guys all these years u gave chance to all the political parties but it was of no use. Why dont you all give a chance to SDPI and see the changes.
Like [11]Dislike [2] #119 ibrahim basha, deralakatte2013-04-09
in ullal ther are more than ten major govt offices. municipality, hospital, colleges, univercity so on hear u can find more than 2000 employees. out of this u cant find hardly 100 muslim staff. in ullal municipality ther r 70 staff only 2 are muslims .now time has come to defeat kader now pls vot sdpi
Like [13]Dislike [1] #118 suhail deals, mangalore2013-04-09
resp readers, it really feels sad to see such a comments against SDPI. i personally say mr ut kader is good mla and he have done many good things etc etc that doesnt mean sdpi shud not field their candidate.if we question sdpi then we have to question other secular parties too wich have already fieldng their candidates in ullal.its a democratic way and evry political party have their own agenda and they have the right to field their candidate.lets not waste our energy on dis debate and lets caste our vote for suitable candidate. weather mr kader or mr akram, we want a good dynamic mla whu can work for community as well as for evry1...lets think positive...jai hind.....
Like [13]Dislike [2] #117 abdul kader, ullal2013-04-09
GOOD move by sdpi by feilding akram hasan as a candidate in ullal. i witness his concern on human being and muslims. his and his family in largy realy doing a lot of work to soceity.
ut kader won two times his father won four times but wat is their contribution to community. marhaoom kamal sab don a lot of work to comumnity he was not mla . kamal sab was only congers district leader. in India among muslim polition only moulana azazd, suleman sait, nazeer sab and azeez sait was worked for muslims . remaining all muslim mla, mlp are only puppet of their political psarty. they win by muslim vote and deffend all anti muslim policy of their p[arty. so oh awake and act vote against bjp and congres and support sdpi . pls think of babri musjid demolished during congres ruling time. pls see 3 lakh muslims now living in refugee camp in assam wher ruling party muslim. congress and bjp both are implementing rss hindutva agenda . now only alternative sdpi pls vote support sdpi
Like [11]Dislike [1] #116 irsha, Dubai2013-04-09
do not think BJP will win if SDPI contest .see example in Krishnapura 2 wards , jamath people forced SDPI to withdraw from election that BJP will win by deviding vote......but subhanallah SDPI withdrew and BJP won!!!
i request to all , dont let congress fool you again and again in the name of BJP phobia
Like [3]Dislike [12] #115 Tanveer, Jedha2013-04-09
-9 #42 Shah, Mangalore — 2013-04-09
SDPI should not have fielded a Candidate against honest ,hardworking and sincere MLA who belongs to same community as gesture of goodness. By doing this SDPI is going to loose more than gain.
Like [6]Dislike [15] #114 irsha, Dubai2013-04-09
#40 khader, Mangalore — 2013-04-09
I left KFD 2 years before, now i feel that i have taken the right decision.

i think KFD sacked you
Like [11]Dislike [2] #113 irsha, Dubai2013-04-09
Dear All pls do not argue mindless/...just ask the people of krishnapura , who defeated mayor ..why because SDPI woked hard for the community ...dont be like aimless .just think as whole , keep you selfishness inside you and support SDPI .its a non profiting political party , and formed in necessity situation , and to defeat the killers of muslim youth in cold blooded , like batla house encounter . whos time babri masjid was distructed . .its congress ...is congress party is raising voice against gujarat riots ? think of SDPI cadres , they are campaigning only for community . not like other parties by supplying alchohol
Like [12]Dislike [3] #112 Imran, Mangalore2013-04-09
Zakir & Parvez Bhai, it’s easy to comment by spending more than 25 years in Saudi Arabia & by sitting in the air-conditioned office/Car.
Come to Mangalore & check each ward, you will come to know that ground reality. By spending one day with MLA, you cannot judge everything.
If you are so close to the MLA, why can’t you make him understand and contest as SDPI candidate instead of cheap congress party?
Like [12]Dislike [2] #111 Imran, Mangalore2013-04-09
We, SDPI are not against Muslim, Hindu, Christian or any other religions & we do respect UT khader as our MLA, but being a congressmen he cannot do anything more than their party agenda, we all are very know that congress is not all tried to uplift the Muslim community in the past, they won’t do in the future as well.
We treat BJP & RSS as same. You people had commented on the same tone when we have fielded a candidate against our former Mayor, but our candidate emerged victorious (note that 2 other Muslim candidates are also contested on the same ward) that too with 635 margin.
So how can feel that SDPI should not contest now, only voters can defeat the candidate not a party.
Like [13]Dislike [1] #110 shareef, KSA2013-04-09
In my point of view Mr.UT Khader is a good politician or he is doing best in his constituency, Now SDPI is contesting election because congress party or government not raised thier voice when minorities are suffering, so Mr.Khader if contesting by a Indipendent candidate may be ther is no oppose at all from any place.If your are winning in congress ticket ther is is limitation for you to talk about the issues, for Example Mr. A.R Antule( Abdul Rahman Antule)he is minister in Maharastra, when Mr.Karkere killed by Fascist groups he raised the voice against it, what happend next day he resighned the post and keep silent, Now election near by they give minister post for Rahman Khan, these all foolings matter to the minority from Congress. So now a days Muslim leadrs in Congress ticket for Muslims comunity, how many seat for MLA they are providing, because od SDPI upcoming in politics now a days all secular party they will think about atlast before taking any decsion abot minorities. most of all secular parties now giving chance to Muslims this is good move because of SDPI. so totally Mr.Khader is winning candidate from thats what they given a ticket for him, other wise they will neglect him, in future we wishes Mr.Khader will raise a voice for minorities without feraing anybody in his party, Hope so SDPI may drawback their candidate this time and wait & c for what action he can take for minorities.
Like [7]Dislike [1] #109 Reader, India2013-04-09
Let the people decide. Take it in sportive mind. And let the best candidate win. If people want changes let it go that way.
Like [10]Dislike [2] #108 saleem, madeena2013-04-09
Dear brothers from this above comment we come to know that how much knowedge you have in politics.. is the politics only for perticular family or chain ??? . Or as per you people told he is only candinate who win in ullal so many times.. but the question is where was MLA when innocent muslims arrested by ATC where was he when madani was arrested. but here we have to see that positive politics. which one is gud they wil get vote.
Like [11]Dislike [1] #107 thamsi ullal, Kuwait2013-04-09
Dear Shakeer jubail. Congress nothing will do for muslim unless making vote bank.
Like [13]Dislike [3] #106 Yasir, Ullal2013-04-09
Good candinate choosen by SDPI, Best wishes to Akram.
Like [20]Dislike [1] #105 Azeez Sdpi, Suribail2013-04-09
Well one cannot say SDPI is likely to affect or divide the Muslim votes. SDPI is a registered National Party. I can even say congress is splitting the votes or else SDPI emerge victory easily in these wards.

What congress has done for Muslims all these years?
1. Declaring a holiday for Eid Milad?
2. Banning the book written by Tasleema Nasreen or not giving her visa?

In fact our requirement is not all these, we want our children to be educated & to be employed in govt firms. We need reservation which is the shortcut to uphold the downtrodden community as per congress made committee (Justice Sachar & Ranganath Mishra).

Congressmen fooled Muslims by participating in our iftar party by wearing a topi all these years.
Their govt demolished our Babar Masjid, they kept our innocent educated youths in prison for no reason. They branded our identity as Terrorists!

Enough is enough we will stop voting Soft Hindutva party (Congress).

For a change try voting SDPI. Let us give them a chance, nothing more to lose if any one comes to power either BJP or Congress. We have already lost!
Like [5]Dislike [11] #104 ISmail, Riyadh2013-04-09
Insha allah! If congress gain power in next month election in karnataka assembly, all muslim community should unite and put pressure on government to boycott this 'kfd" for the betterment of our muslim community. At least we can save our future youths from these people
Like [4]Dislike [9] #103 Abu Wafa, Al Hassa2013-04-09
SDPI going to do a big mistakes!!! its really surprise news!! this proves once again our weakness in leadership quality, thats SDPI facing now. SDPI not only going to loose in this election but also they will going to loose Muslims support & this decision will backfire them.
Like [38]Dislike [5] #102 Parvez Ali, Riyadh2013-04-09
Mr. Javed Mangalore , brother I understand your feelings, at the same time I disagree your comments about SDPI members in Saudi Arabia. I am not a member nor a supporter of SDPI members in Saudi Arabia but I have seen their social work here . They are spending their time , money and efforts to help our people who are really in trouble. They never differentiate hindus, muslims or Christians , they help for the needy Indians. As par as collecting money , yes they collected money for the needy NRI Indians medical expenses, their airtickets and even to send dead bodies of the labours who had no help from any one. Most of the time they spend money from their own pockets. Even Embassy of India recognized these members and requested them by giving them letter to help the needy NRI's around the Kingdom.
I don't agree their political strategy, as par as their social work and their love and affection for their county men concern I really salute them.
I wish these honest, hardworking, patriotic, religious and pure secular minded members may convince their leaders to think again
fielding their candidate against Mr. Khader.
Like [9]Dislike [3] #101 rizwan, mangalore2013-04-09
Go ahead my brother go ahead never turn to back insha allha people want to sdpi
Insha allha akram will win d electnn
Like [4]Dislike [6] #100 ALI MANJESHWAR, Manjeshwar, Kasaragod2013-04-09
Sdpi zindabad.. I am with party.... Ut khader will become mla next time... He will win..but our party have some role in behind his victory.
Like [9]Dislike [4] #99 ALI MANJESHWAR, Manjeshwar, Kasaragod2013-04-09
Like [8]Dislike [1] #98 abushaheem, Dammam2013-04-09
Well allegation against SDPI is going on simply because SDPI fielded candidate against CONGRESS CANDIDATE U.T Khader, When people suggesting that SDPI should not field the candidate because UT khader is Muslim, Honest soo on.
Let me bring your attention to some points:
Indian Muslims they dont aware of their political rights, they still vote bank for mainstream political parties like congress and others
for last 60 years congress has cheated Indian muslims,
Any Mulsims leader in the congress party guts to rise the issues Indian Muslims facing today.
• Indian Muslim Youth targeted and fixed in false cases,
Really they don’t have any vision for Muslim community, they born as son or relatives of MLA there fore muslims has to vote them.
Like [2]Dislike [9] #97 Ullal brother, ullal2013-04-09
i am one of the pfi member if sdpi will contest against ut khader i will never support sdpi or pfi.dear sdpi or pfi please mind it ut khader did good job for all community and voice of our mangalore.
Like [2]Dislike [5] #96 Ashik, Dubai, Dubai2013-04-09
When i go through the comments, what i feel is we most support cong, not UTK.
We all strongly believe that UTK is a very good as a person. We must respect his caliber n ability. He really did many of good work during his tenure..but there was lot of issues related to community could have been sorted out but not done, only because of his party or high command does not permitted him.. Most of the minorities hate congress,.. not a person. If UTK really confidant in his ability and he believes that people likes him, then he can quit the cong and compete independently or can join the alternative.
Like [3]Dislike [11] #95 Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore2013-04-09
I am overwhelmed by seeing the anti-SDPI comments are flooding here! Allahu Akbar. Now the opportunist SDPI members are hiding and no power at their "backdoor" to stand against the flood of comments. Instead they just click the thumbs down, like cowards! They never expected such protest here. They are shocked!
Someone here called them as beggars but beggars atleast have some sense and these people are even lower than them. Shameless creatures!
Now prepare coffin for this morally dead dirty, petty, silly money hunger party! La Ilaaha Illallah!
Soon after the election ended, their own people will slap them with old sandals. Bloody traitors of Muslim community. Laanathullahi alaihi!
Like [16]Dislike [42] #94 Farooq, Jubail2013-04-09
Please boycott SDPI . There is BJP's hidden hands working behind the leaders of thiis party. They are getting hand full of money to split muslim votes.... Think twice before supporting.........
Like [15]Dislike [33] #93 ravindra mangalore, kallapu2013-04-09
No body can stop winning Mr.U.T.Khadar in Ullal constituency ... he has done lot of work ...sincere person good human being with all the communities... iam one of his fan acutually..
Like [11]Dislike [37] #92 Shakeer, Jubail2013-04-09
CD dont give them any publicity they were doing all these things these years only for this day u spoiled your name SDPI no more respect for your organisation.
Like [7]Dislike [35] #91 Innaualla, Khobar2013-04-09
I Request all here who are funding for this organisation to stop funding they are using our money to hit back us better to use that money for poor people who are in trouble....they started the organisation telling that helping needy now they joined with RSS .... SDPI ALLAH watching u be Careful your days are near....
Like [7]Dislike [33] #90 shameer, Jeddah2013-04-09
Member of SDPI work here for good things and it has been misused by your leaders i had a respect to this wing now i feel all they did for earning money your 1 among anti Muslims.....
Like [6]Dislike [29] #89 Anwar, Jubail2013-04-09
this is just for money money money welcome SDPI for Joining list of Corrupt Politics Party Shame on u....This defeat will be defeat of whole your SDPI u will soon get reply from Indian Muslims....
Like [9]Dislike [30] #88 Abdul gaffar, Mangalore2013-04-09
Please think SDPI members.
This movement going to decrease SDPI image.
Who voted you last time will think now to defeat you. Even me also voted you last time thinking that you people will do something for Muslims. But i may be wrong.
Like [8]Dislike [29] #87 Shah, Mangalore2013-04-09
SDPI should not have fielded a Candidate against honest ,hardworking and sincere MLA who belongs to same community as gesture of goodness. By doing this SDPI is going to loose more than gain.
Like [9]Dislike [27] #86 Ali Mangalore, Mangalore. Riyadh2013-04-09
Mr. U.T. Khader is a dynamic young MLA; who's records in the Assembly made Mangaloreans proud. He is totally acceptable candidate for all the caste and community due to his pure secular emage. SDPI can break the muslim votes but not non muslim votes.
Majority of non muslims in his constuency voted for Mr. Khader twice. They will not let him down this time too.
If God wish, if Mr. Khader becomes third time MLA; may be he will be the minister in the next Government. What happens if Mr. Akram wins, he will be a normal MLA. It is highly impossible Mr. Akram to grab more than 1000 votes ; may be he will help BJP candidate to win or fight against Mr. Khader.
Any way the looser will be SDPI , both in the election as well as in their popularity. Many young muslims started talking against them and they started hate them when they see they are spoiling votes against Mr. Khader.
Hope they will re-think and widraw the candidate for the sake of their benefit.
Like [7]Dislike [0] #85 Raaz Balaya, UAE2013-04-09
u brothers think if sdpi put candidate against ut kadar saab means there is a strong reason, bt dnt compare rss n sdpi.. Sdpi always against rss n sangh parivars. Some ine publishing sdpi getting money from bjp or rss bt sdpi never took any paisa its sure. And some one cmmntd sdpi using fund from pfi, bt bro's sdpi will never use funds from pfi or any othr, sdpi have its own fund from its wellwishers and membets, if u need v can give proof... Please think SDPI put candidate against utk bcoz there is a reason, pls dont cnt without knwing. PLs
Like [5]Dislike [0] #84 Musthafa, Mangalore2013-04-09
As a recognized political party and after reviewing their past vote banks, SDPI took right decision to filed a candidate at Ullala constituency in which a majority of Muslim votes decide the fate of any candidate. When we have to rely on Congress party always which fooled Muslims of this country for the past 6 decades..? We know that the ability of UT Khader is not questionable. We can’t compare him to Tanveer sait. But we have no trust on the party he represents. He may face a situation where he has to obey the orders from his party soon. A positive politics will give long run results. One may feel difficult to understand the situation now…!
Like [8]Dislike [2] #83 Muzzamil Shariff, bangalore2013-04-09
To all the people who are against SDPI fielding a candidate.

Lets have a Public debate /discussion . Bring your UT Khader and SDPI will bring Akram Hassan, and we will have an Open discussion on topics.

Topics can be mutually sit across the table and agreed.
Example of topic, without any personal attacks on leaders.(code voilation)
1) Congress or SDPI, who is RSS hidden agent?
2) Congress or SDPI, who can implement muslim welfare schemes better?
3) Congress or SDPI, who has understood the muslim problems?
4) Congress or SDPI, which is run by money of corruption?


If you are ready.. contact your local Ullal SDPI committee and it will be arranged on our expense. And dont worry about the money, there are people who fund SDPI separately,Your money is not misused in any way, unlike the congress.

So if you have it in you, let the public know. Arrange for the debate/discussion ASAP. stop wasting time here commenting.
Like [6]Dislike [1] #82 Anees, Jubail2013-04-09
Congress is/was never a party of muslims and it never favored anything for muslims. Since 60 years congress people are cheating by false promises. Sri Krishna Mission Report(Bombay), Rebuilding of Babri Masjid is to name few… And UT is a part of same party. If he really a good leader and have feeling for community let him leave congress. SDPI is not a party of Mangalore, it a National party with a broad vision for India specially for backward community.
Like [7]Dislike [2] #81 ashraf, jubail2013-04-09
Dear all who commented against sdpi.i didnt understand what kind of people you are...when sdpi launched sdpi you all said in muslim no politics, now you are saying sdpi against muslim..? How u can say that...? And allegation against sdpi it shows success of the party. Sdpi not against muslims and khader, sdpi against congress and their agenda....tell khader to contest independent...and u know well no body can defeat khader then why these allegations....shame on you...muslim community means not khader....dont worry let ullal people decide......we will stop struggling from 65 years....say bye to congreas and hi to sdpi
Like [5]Dislike [1] #80 Thouheed, Jubail2013-04-09
Brothers please wake up and be matured enough to put your comments. Congress is never muslims party and it too far from secularism. Now if UT is a good leader let him leave congress which is best option for him. Good move from SDPI.
Like [6]Dislike [1] #79 Thameem ullal, Kuwait2013-04-09
SDPI selected good candidate in ullal. AKRAM HASAN is a jouranalis and a good social worker too. So this time to SDPI.
Like [4]Dislike [2] #78 Anwar, Padil,Mangalore2013-04-09
Prophet Lukman(PBUH) was a great prophet of Allah.Allah asked him whether you want Wisdom or Kingdom.Prophet Lukman(PBUH) asked for Wisdom.My dear SDPI brothers undoubtedly u are good people.But in some cases Wisdom is more important than having Power.Hence we request you to kindly withdraw your candidature against UT Khader Sir.
Like [4]Dislike [2] #77 Shuaib, Mangalore2013-04-09
Guys please have some patience; It’s too early to comment this way.

If Congress comes for the negotiation & agrees to fulfill the demands of the community, I hope, definitely SDPI will remove the nomination against Mr. UT Kader.
Like [3]Dislike [4] #76 ali, Mangalore2013-04-09
SDPI reminds me Mir Sadik during Tippu Sultan's Era.
Like [6]Dislike [1] #75 sk, mlore2013-04-09
It is very true that majority of manglore muslims have high regard and hope with MLA Kader. Indeed he is one of the clean and gentlemen type of political leader but that does not mean people can put-forth baseless, innovated and unfounded allegations about SDPI. How long you people will be in a DELUSION that a local MLA of small place can solve all your problems?..Don’t you think you people need a greater and broader representation?..when you people will think that time has come for change?

The Prophet (pbuh) said, "Avoid suspicion, for suspicion is the greatest lie.

The Prophet (pbuh) said, "You must speak the truth for the truth leads to virtue and virtue leads to Paradise.
Like [5]Dislike [1] #74 Lukman, Kuwait2013-04-09
Dear All.. UT khader may be the one of the good leader, but what is his total output to muslim community., after all he is congressman which is the other face of RSS..I belive this is a good move from SDPI..
Like [19]Dislike [49] #73 khader, Mangalore2013-04-09
I left KFD 2 years before, now i feel that i have taken the right decision.
Like [6]Dislike [1] #72 Basith, Farangipete2013-04-09
Social Democratic Party of India shall stand for the realization of a social order and political system based on the great ideals of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity enshrined in the Indian Constitution. It shall mobilise the people to enjoy civil rights through democratic struggles including elections. The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) is not a party. The SDPI is a mission. This mission is the conscience of the people which took birth in the familiar soil, in the midst of the agonies of the people. Only such a movement can represent the people. We are charting the new geography for our country, to draft a new history within. The important mission is to design the realistic activities to register the party in the minds of the people. That is to say, we have to design a new road and a set of new activities.
Like [3]Dislike [2] #71 abuSaad, Mangaloer / Dammam / KSA2013-04-09
I don't understand why all the peoples are crying. In democratic country every body has the right to contest the election. Let SDPI also try the best and will understand how many percentage vote they gain.

Also in last assembly election, So many Muslim candidates were involved including Mr. Natekal from JDS and others are Independent. Still Mr. UT Khader emerged as a winner. More to that, He is enjoying Non Muslim vote too.

The final word is Allah (Sub) is the one who is blessing with Win or Lose. Keep faith in Allah, he will do the best for his believer.
Like [3]Dislike [3] #70 ali, Mangalore2013-04-09
There is no difference between RSS & KFD. What they were used to do in Mangalore to get the peoples attention only. SDPI can stand alone without the help of BSP or BJP.

I hope after this move from SDPI, people have seened their real face of their party.
Like [1]Dislike [6] #69 ali, Mangalore2013-04-09
SDPI is run by BSP (one of the worst party in UP) and BJP to fight against Congress. SDPI indirectly supporting BJP to gain seats in Dakshina Kannada. The real face of SDPI has come out and they are not working for the welfare of Muslims in Mangalore, they are working for the welfare of themselves & BJP.

It's just like Mir Sadik during the Tippu's era.
Like [6]Dislike [1] #68 WALTER, ULLALA2013-04-09
I like sdpi party & leaders & workers,some blind people looking only mangalore.we are looking all over india dalit,christians,muslims,sc-st,backward class,other minority people, empowerment in future in india.so my vote is only only sdpi and i hope you also cast your vote only sdpi.sdpi zindabad..zindabad.
Like [6]Dislike [1] #67 shanu, kuwait2013-04-09
All you negetive minded people shame on you ,i dont understand why you guys are looking at UT khader..as you guys said he is a great guy but he cannot take decisions he has to take orders from his congress heads who are not muslim,what did congress do in 60 years of independence for muslims we are still backward and deprived ....you guys dont have the guts to think positive..come under one umbrella...if ut khader is thinking of muslims let him join SDPI and server muslims and not his congress heads... we muslims have always fallen for a small piece of bread and given our votes ..but we never thought of the million muslim lives destroyed by congress in past years ...but still you cowards support congress ..shame on you ..at list sdpi candidate has the guts to stand up...there are not cowards
Like [5]Dislike [3] #66 Indian, Mangalore2013-04-09
Guys, SDPI is not against UT Khader...SDPI against Congress. We have to teach them lesson. Due to congress our community gone backward to old stone age. We must come out from this hell.
"ALLAH does not change the condition of any people unless they themselves make the decision to change. 13:11"
Like [5]Dislike [1] #65 Shahul thumbey, Thumbey2013-04-09
SDPI is always unique.. come on sdpi... evry time you taken challenging steps..... masha allah carry on insha Allah secss is urs
Like [3]Dislike [1] #64 Sadik Ali Bantwal, Bantwal2013-04-09
Sdpi going to contest in 7 MLA seats of D.K What do you say
Like [1]Dislike [6] #63 Muzzammil, Al Jubail2013-04-09
Stiil u got time Take back this decision or els i bet u all muslims will be against you .....and we will spread that no will be give u single rupees shame on u ....now i know y all media is not covering your program they knew before abt your intention....
Like [6]Dislike [0] #62 ahmed, saudi Arabia2013-04-09
Parvez ali..
we dont say that UT khader is not doing anything, but here i think SDPI contesting with positive politics.
What UT Khader done for his constituency? Just list it out.
We know that u were with him, talking is diffrent nd practically working in the field is different.
Let him join SDPI...Deffinately will get support.
Parvez Ali....u r right...woho hota hai jo manzoore khuda hota hai...
Abu jahal also prayed to give success to those who are in right path...nd u know the result.
In sha allah....allah may guide us right path.
Like [5]Dislike [0] #61 sham, Khobar2013-04-09
Dear Readers,
SDPI is a political party and in our political arenavit has the right to contest in the election on their development works. If you feel that Mr. Khader has honestly served his constituency, he will definetely win. As per as congress is concerned, you all know since the independence they used Muslims as mere vote bank see how they foooled ex mayor ashraf recently. Hence, instead of being loyal to congress party always think differently to uplift the dowtrodden community including Muslim. Oh muslims we need to empower ourselves in all the fields including political field. BSP is just an exaple how cleverly utilize your political power.
Like [7]Dislike [0] #60 misriya Siddik, Bantwal2013-04-09
Brother And Sisters..(those who against SDPi) please answer following doubts
Do you feel Congress is a secular Party??? And Muslim Voters are Vote Bank of Congress….??? Do you know the rate of declining Muslim representative in Political Houses, ( Lokh Sabah, Raj Sabaha& State houses).
Do you know who supported Naleen Kumar Kateel to win MP Seat??? ( ist SDPI Or PFI?)
For whom to given a notice for “KASIGAGI SEETU” Congress or sdpi.???
Br Khader is a MLA he belongs to Muslim Community, what are his contribution to his community ?
Like [19]Dislike [15] #59 Quote from Mr.Hema chandra ,writer, Mangalore/ KSA2013-04-09
The same applies to U T Khader who is not only my best friend and erstwhile jogging partner at Kadri Park, there is no candidate of his salt who can shake his citadel. He is like undisputed ‘Sultan’ of Ullal, even if he wins unopposed, I will not be surprised. One really needs fire in his belly to contest against him. He has proved himself as a viable friend, guide, besides being a secular leader.
(the above is collected from Mr. Hemachandra, Mangalore's article appeared in a Mangalore web news)
Like [20]Dislike [32] #58 Zameer Baikadi, Dammam2013-04-09
U.T. Khader is one of best MLA in entire Karnataka State; Instead of Supporting him SDPI putting candidate against him. What message SDPI sending to the people, (It looks like they are the entity of RSS)
Like [15]Dislike [31] #57 zakir, Mangalore2013-04-09
SDPI better you go & stand against an RSS/BJP/Bajrangdal candidate and win the election, that is your guts. Don't try to waste your energy and money on winning election against our own muslim candidate....
Like [16]Dislike [30] #56 Zahoor Ahmed, Karkala / Dammam2013-04-09
Dear Brother Akram, Please contest from anyother consituency,and don't file nomination from Ullal.
Like [17]Dislike [32] #55 Ahmed, Dammam2013-04-09
It is my HUMBLE request all muslim brothers living in the Kingdom "NOT TO DONATE A SINGLE RIYAL" to SDPI/PFI/KFD as they utilize maximum collected funds on election these days...

There are as many as 50+ charity organization around the Kingdom and if possible please pass on donation to these...

Like [23]Dislike [21] #54 Parvez Ali, Riiyadh, Mangalore2013-04-09

Muddahain laakh buraa chaa hain to kya hota hain wohi hotahain jo manzoore khuda hotahain,
Like [16]Dislike [27] #53 zakir, Mangalore2013-04-09
BJP must have bribed SDPI to put candidate against a congress muslim candidate. Shame on you corrupt SDPI....
Like [4]Dislike [1] #52 Mohammed, Saudi Arabia2013-04-09
Dear Brothers
dont spread rumours. spreading rumour is sign of munafik.
Before blaming anybody & any party try to know the truth. dont act like agent of Congress & RSS.
For everybodys kind information, SDPI is not only for muslims, its for all marginalized people.
some chelas of RSS & congress will spread rumours. But it will not effect anyway to SDPI.
These people who are commenting against true party of india (SDPI) IS like" If Dogs Bark to elephant, what will going to happen elephant'"?
Like [2]Dislike [1] #51 Sayed Kaleem, Dubai/Udupi2013-04-09
Fazal, Ullal, Your comment shows that you are anti auliya ALLAH for your information AULIYAALLAH have never contested any election in the past,present and will never contest in future and it is candidates who come to them to seek dua for the better results in the election ohh maybe if this Akram is a salafi maybe he will not go even there it is shirk for him yes he will get help from RSS and BJP back hand that is called munafiq.
Like [4]Dislike [1] #50 Althaf, Kaup/doha2013-04-09
Dear all my muslim brothers it is everyone's right to love or hate any organisations or political parties. By reading the above comments from our brothers it seems that many brothers dont like the present move of SDPI. But it is my humble request with all my muslim brothers that do not post baseless comments. Why you are connecting SDPI with RSS. It is very shameful to read your comments that SDPI receiving funds from RSS. Stop this baseless comments. Keep in mind that whatever you says allah is listening. All have to answer in the court of allah.
Like [2]Dislike [3] #49 salman, dammam/ullal2013-04-09
please AKRAM BAI dont stand against U.T. KADHER. If u dint withdraw u gives to way for B J P. And SDPI all candiate please think for this time.
Like [2]Dislike [3] #48 Reader, India2013-04-09
If U T Kader did good job. 101% he will win. SDPI will don nothing. But the voters have to decide. That is what happened in municipality election.
Like [2]Dislike [2] #47 rameez, ullal2013-04-09
I don't know what muslims has to do with congress party, We are tired of U.T khader. Having Muslim names doesn't make anyone muslim.
At-least Sdpi is a muslim party, not like congress . If khader wins he will be a puppet of some chaddies in the name of congress. lets give chance to someone else chance now.
Like [0]Dislike [4] #46 ibrahim khaleel, Riyadh2013-04-09
this the way all muslims votes split...and good opportunity for BJP to win. so dont vote SDPI...congress is the best and specially candidate MR. U.T.Khader....
Like [1]Dislike [6] #45 SIDDIK DUBAI, dubai2013-04-09
When they started organization, they didn't want name, money & politics.Now they started making money by the name of religion & politics.they are fooling innocent people.So please don't supporrt SDPI.They are another wing of BJP like RSS & BAJARANGADAL
Like [3]Dislike [2] #44 S.I.Hassan, Udupi2013-04-09
SDPI is not islamic party or a muslim party. It is a secular party as they claim. So dont expect anything islamic or community oriented program from them because they are constitutionally bound by some limitation..Whate ever they will do is for their political benefit like other parties (Especially Congress) . Constitutionally they have complete right to contest for election, even though it has been failed to make its image among non muslims,.Rather playing blame game and destroying the image of such party, it is better to craete awareness among voters through proper means to vote for right candidate.
Like [1]Dislike [2] #43 kareem, Abu Dhabi2013-04-09
You are burning your own house by yourself
Like [3]Dislike [0] #42 shanawaz, mangalore2013-04-09
@fazal ur comment is absurd.where is the question of Avuliya here?
Think twice before you make such comments please.
Like [1]Dislike [4] #41 salamphy, mangalore2013-04-09
dear readers, congress is not a good party yes, but better than bjp, also UT khader is better than any candidate and he did great job at ullal constituency comparing to other candidate,at least he
can raise the voice of muslims in assembly
so now you people are doing that deviding the muslim votes and clearing the way to bjp,,pls dear voters think twice
Like [1]Dislike [6] #40 Akbar Mulki, Jubial KSA2013-04-09
Please SDPI, if you want to help BJP then declare it. Don't cheat the people. If your goal is to make Karnataka assembly without a single Muslim MLA then your move is right.
Muslim brothers cast your vote inteligently
Like [3]Dislike [1] #39 sanu, mangalore2013-04-09
Congress fool muslims from 60 years they know muslims has no where to go and what ever they vote congress,
Now time has come to teach congress and kadher a lesson ,utk always busy in bramkalsosava and bajana mandalis
Like [0]Dislike [7] #38 samir, jeddah2013-04-09
i can challenge they never win against khadar...so so called cheap mentality of sdpi...whos akram..? he is the man agent of rss??
Like [4]Dislike [2] #37 ParweeZ Hussain, Addoor, Mangalore2013-04-09
how much did Congees pay you for that post???
Like [7]Dislike [1] #36 ParweeZ Hussain, Addoor, Mangalore2013-04-09
Being with SDPI, we know what exactly it is. What you know about SDPI is what the backstabbing Congees have told you.

Our parents are proud of us. Now please go and ask your parent if they are happy for the demolition of the Babri Masjid? And you know that your leader Mr. Narasimha Rao (RSS) was the PM on those days and indirectly caused the demolition of the Babri Masjid.
Like [5]Dislike [1] #35 ParweeZ Hussain, Addoor, Mangalore2013-04-09
Mr. KSA, you shameless. Are you scared to disclose your name and address?
Your words gives an idea to the people about your standards . . .
Shame on you . . .
Like [6]Dislike [1] #34 ParweeZ Hussain, Addoor, Mangalore2013-04-09
Mr. Shamsu, this is not the time to care for people's sentiments but for their needs . . . And Masha Allah, SDPI is doing that.
Congees have been fooling our community since past 7 decades. Aren't you aware of this fact???
Like [1]Dislike [5] #33 Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore2013-04-09
Alhamdu Lillah, Allahu Akbar, I was thinking I am the only person in CD to comment against the so called Muslim uplifter, opportunist, SDPI! Now the anti-SDPI comments are flooding here. Thanks to Allah. Thanks to Allah. Thanks to Allah.
The days are not far for SDPI leaders- their own supporters will slap them with old sandals in public.
It is very clear that this party is created for supporting BJP by spoiling Muslim votes. This party is benefitting form both the way.
By getting huge funds from BJP and by collecting money from Gulf based youths in the name of charity.
Throw this GOMUKHA VYAGHRA party into Arabian sea.
Hey SDPI crooks, you guys succeeded in Karishnapura ward by fooling some brainless illiterate voters with support of money power. But now onwards it will not work anymore.
Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, please don't hear to this BJP supporter party. Vote for Congress candidates and for 100% sure, this time definitely Congress will win. Jai Hind.
Like [22]Dislike [47] #32 Nasrullah, Riyadh2013-04-09
Truth is that PFI got fund and permission from RSS for their recent rally in mangalore only on condition that SDPI will contest against U.T. Now SDPI is returning the favour thats it...Readers dont vote for SDPI not only in Mangalore but through out karnataka and also ask ur relatives and friends NOT to vote for SDPI..
Like [25]Dislike [41] #31 KSA, KSA2013-04-09
Like [20]Dislike [35] #30 shamsu, mangalore2013-04-09
people.... wake u dont be fooled by these people..... they are fooling you...... is any one who can answer whts the reason behind this move rather then money................. wht sdpi is going to gain... they never care sentiment of the people......
Like [26]Dislike [42] #29 niaaar, mangalore/saudi2013-04-09
Like [23]Dislike [32] #28 javeed, mangalore2013-04-09
dont show your face to anyone...... i am petty to the SDPI members who are fooled by thier leaders back home..... you people beg here and feeding your bosses there...... feel ashamed... spend that time to your family instead of wasting on meetings and collecting funds..... u r really fooled.......
Like [22]Dislike [36] #27 hassan, mangalore2013-04-09
total demand for withdrawl of this candidate??????????? so cheep.... give us a single reason for this move rather then money....
Like [23]Dislike [36] #26 sulaiman riyadh, mangalore2013-04-09
CD please do something for this.... it really hurts... to be fooled by these so called SDPI...... they used our money to hit us....... teach them a lession
Like [22]Dislike [30] #25 haneef, mangalore2013-04-09
i request to all the business man in saudi arabia dont fund this sdpi they are nothing but wing of rss, by the name of relegion they collect money and use against the same relegion. allah will not forgive you all for your hard earned money wht you are using against your own relegion.
Like [26]Dislike [26] #24 Ashraf Thirthalli, Jubail, jubail2013-04-09
Dear well wisher and the most intelligent people of coastal karnataka, specially mangalore and ullal area people pls think carefully, rise your voice, try to support UT.Khader, pull back SDPI candidate.
he is a genuine person for one and all..........
Like [21]Dislike [27] #23 Saira Raheed, Mangalore/ USA2013-04-09
There is no unity among Muslims. First SDPI runs against our Muslim Mayor and now SDPI is running against our only Muslim MLA U T Khader. I really hope SDPI looses…
You people are dividing our valuable Muslim votes, this is what BJP wants and in the end, BJP is going to win. If BJP wins, be prepared for five more years of suffering…..
Like [15]Dislike [28] #22 Shameer, Jubail2013-04-09
In the name of religion devide people there is no difference in RSS and U don't spoil the life of innocent people by taking money from bjp shame on u SDPI
Like [24]Dislike [30] #21 Usman, DBX2013-04-09
SDPI Killing votes of Muslims, so please don't VOTE SDPI
Like [19]Dislike [26] #20 Rahim, Mangalore2013-04-09
Don't dream that people will support u this move defiantly will bring bad name to you people..
Like [18]Dislike [28] #19 Shaukath, Mangalore2013-04-09
How much did u get from RSS u ppl started politics to earn money eat u stupid people ua day vl end very soon .....Khadar vl win in Sha Allah
Like [17]Dislike [25] #18 Nisar, Mangalore/Dubai2013-04-08
Definitely BJP will benefit from this move.
Like [32]Dislike [19] #17 Shuaib, mangalore2013-04-08
"Mr.U T Kader is very good candidate for Ullala.." Sounds true. But you should also try to understand that he is also a Congress Man. He has some limitation from his party, and as everyone knows, Congress is another face of RSS. RSS has infiltrated in every political party.

At the beginning muslim community was telling politics is haraam & dirty etc. then now the objection on fielding candidate. This is quite natural reaction.

I go with the comments from "Muslim, Kuwait ". Positive thinking...
Like [17]Dislike [24] #16 musthafa kannur, mlr2013-04-08
east or west......UTK is the BEST.......
Like [24]Dislike [33] #15 SHABEERKATIPALLA, QATAR DOHA2013-04-08
Wow great sdpi so now u want to contest against muslim mla so it shows how close u r to rss so hidden agenda is coming out slowly . so this may be chance for bjp to get hold on that seat ..
Like [36]Dislike [20] #14 sahil, mangalore2013-04-08
I think every seat going to BJP bcoz muslim faith with Muslim candidate,
last mangalore city corporation election bengre area 4 muslim women fought each other, vote divided so BJP won this seat, pls Muslim brother think ...............
Like [45]Dislike [19] #13 Shabeer Kabaka, Dubai2013-04-08
Thanks...SDPI for the selecting of Akram .congress definitely will win..
Like [38]Dislike [29] #12 Shammi, Dubai/Mangalore2013-04-08
Dear Voters

Please vote for Mr.U T Kader he is very good candidate for Ullala,voting for SDPI means supporting BJP if you vote for SDPI it will divide Muslims votes and BJP will get benefit, I know Congress is not good but better than BJP.
Like [41]Dislike [14] #11 Sharath, Ullal, Riyadh2013-04-08
Indian muslims themselves hate each other. then blame hindus. shame on you people. but here in Saudi Arabia i cant see such silly people.
Like [27]Dislike [30] #10 ismail, mangalore2013-04-08
S D P I is some of the muslim communal party......
Like [38]Dislike [16] #9 iqbal ATR, AUH2013-04-08
Mr Shaan .How SDPI CAN defeate a Mayor???its million $ qsn.?/?? only voters can defeet a mayor or A pRIME MINISTER.IF MAYOR DONE GOOD WORK TO HER people she would have won. tension akit prayojana ille .same way weather Ullal or tokkottu SDPI WILL CONTEST for election from muslim majority places couse most of the muslims support SDPI & thy fed up by THS CoNGI dONGI Party.
Like [26]Dislike [35] #8 Nazeer, Riyadh/ Mangalore2013-04-08
@Shaan, Mangalore- I second you for your right and timely comments!
It's like a slap with a slipper on the face of SDPI.
But I bet, they can never be able to defeat U. T. Khader, instead the they will lose their deposit with a shameful downfall! In Sha Allah.....!!!
Like [28]Dislike [17] #7 zakir, Mangalore2013-04-08
SDPI won last election standing against muslims, now let them stand against non muslims, that they will not do it and not an easy task and difficult too....
Like [40]Dislike [16] #6 Muslim, Kuwait2013-04-08
Good move from SDPI also this is the right way to force congress party to negotiation table, by this way you people can bargain for our community. But keep in mind U T Kader is only Muslim voice from manglore in assembly
Like [42]Dislike [20] #5 ParweeZ Hussain, Addoor, Mangalore2013-04-08
Mr Shaan, Being the first woman mayor did not help the Muslims practically. Lets take an overlook at the time period for which she was the Mayor.
What did she do for the Community?
Now forget that. What did she do for the people of her ward?
Nothing, She was busy in stage shows, inaguration ceremonies etc etc.
The people from her ward know about it very well and so they did not give her another chance . . .
You are right, When SDPI do something, it always does the GREAT . . .
Like [37]Dislike [23] #4 AbuShaheem, Dammam2013-04-08
Siince several years he is in the field of Community Welfare activity, He has wide knowledge of Karnataka Politics. He has writen several articles about Karnataka Politics. He is visionary leader of the state. I appreciate SDPI for giving chance to such dynamic personality.....All the best to Akram Hasan
Like [51]Dislike [28] #3 Basheer, Baikampady2013-04-08
Masha Allah Akram Bhai. From journalism to politics.. Congratulations. All the best
Like [38]Dislike [49] #2 Fazal, Ullal2013-04-08
SDPI zindabad. we support SDPI even if fielded candidate against an avuliya..
Like [36]Dislike [59] #1 Shaan, Mangalore2013-04-08
Waw. SDPI is great secular party. After defeating first Muslim woman mayor of Mangalore City Corporation now they are dreaming to defeat only Muslim MLA of coastal Karnataka. Great job.

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