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Monday, 07 October 2013 00:06

HJS opposes establishment of Heera International Islamic University in Tirupathi

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Mangalore, Oct 7: Opposing union government’s Heera International Islamic University near Tirupati Temple, Andhra Pradesh activists of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti staged a protest in front of Deputy Commissioner’s office, Mangalore on Sunday.

Addressing the protesters Prasanna Kamath of HJS said that, the Congress government is trying to woo the Muslim community and in this quest is neglecting Hindus.

“It is venturing into building a Muslim University in a holy place of Hindus. It is not taking into consideration the possible threat to Tirupati temple," he said adding that the central government does not dare to take up any project near religious places of minorities.

“Present upcoming university land belongs to the temple and government should stop its work”, he urged.

Vivek Pai of HJS speaking at the protest said that the upcoming University is in the distance of just 20 kms from the temple and the land belongs to the Tirupathi Town Development Authority.

Percentage of Muslim residents in this place is less than 5 percent and there is no need of a university, he said.

Even though locals opposed the setting up of the university here, the government continued the construction work, without taking permission from the temple authorities.

The protesters demanded formation of a committee to probe into the foreign funds received for the project.



Like [0]Dislike [2] #18 Purab, Eluru2013-12-12
Altaf, Faizak, and Ahmad,

All above candidates are mfkrs and if any body anounced to join in muslim community, they will send their daughters/wives.
Like [2]Dislike [1] #17 life, ap2013-10-18
People shld start RSS hindu school in macca .....where that land belongs to amasid....F yes lets see hw many accept....
The truth z We dont oppse ny religion ....its our preching....but wll never accept spoiling our own.......

Its congress govt!!!taking faltu step!! Waste hey
Nuthing can save ff u wait to get a personal pinch....
..Kuch buddi lagao atleast now..nd see this whr will be dragged....Sharam karo.....
Like [2]Dislike [3] #16 shank, hyderabad2013-10-18
Its a worst nd most unexpected news......could evr imagine
Bhai log see where we r going nd our country....saaley .dont wait ill u r piched....
We r never asked to spoil others....but save atleast the way we r born....
May god save us
Like [2]Dislike [3] #15 shank, hyderabad2013-10-18
People shld start RSS hindu school in macca .....where that land belongs to amasid....
F yes lets see hw many support....
We dont oppse ny religion ....its our preching....but wll never accept spoiling our own.......
Its congress govt!!!taking faltu step!!
Nuthing can save unless people f get a pinch......
Kuch buddi lagao atleast now..nd see the whr will be dragged....
Sharam karo.....
Like [7]Dislike [9] #14 Zakir, Mangalore2013-10-08
Naren, no one in AP has got a problem with it....tell JHI to go to the place where they build the University and then shout there....the people in tirupati will teach them good lesson....keep our Mangaloe away from voice pollution.....
Like [6]Dislike [6] #13 OMP, Saudi2013-10-08
We support HJS and Hindu organizations for this movement. For all who are counting the number of peoples protesting- Lions are always in fewer only Sheeps are in herd.
Like [6]Dislike [8] #12 Faizal Ahmed, Mangalore2013-10-08
Enjoying the joky comments...even news papers dont have such big reports like nare...........KITNA MILA THIS TIME ??? Looks like there is Dasara increament and Bonus received.......ha ha
Like [3]Dislike [5] #11 Kudlanna, Kudla2013-10-08
My God!!!!!!! Habbabba, Narendranna!!! were it is in Andrapradesh not in Karnataka, Hosh are you Safronist in Mangalorean? no work to do? Better handle this project by President Obama!!!!!!!!!!!
Like [7]Dislike [12] #10 naren kotian, padubidri2013-10-08
hahaha gayathri akka ... for your kind information ... story bere ne ide ... This land comes exactly within the perimeter of 11 km ... and also Heera university is being constructed in the temple land ...and ancient temple , which is now in bad shape is just within 50 mts , tv9 telugu showed the pictures temples adjacent to heera university ...and ... property records shows this land belongs to temple , but it was grabbed to build the massive university building ... sumne pungi bidbedi ... we know the fact .. we are sure this structure is sufficient to rake up another movement like ayodya in AP .... due to telengana issue this matter is not cropping up ... once that issue reaches some state , then u see ... the real game ....

hahaha ajju , do u think just 20 people are there in this movement ... u r wrong ... u just wait and watch ...never underestimate the power of mighty sangh parivar ... for your kind information in the den of anti - national owaisi ... Bajrangdal organised bajrang rally in AP ... u know how many guys were there just 200,000 ... if you don't trust my words .. kindly check in youtube or india times or any news channel ... they even did the bike rally infront of his house . Entire old city did not come out as he clearly knew massive large scale rioting would have triggered in Hyd city ... hahaha that guy did not come out of his house ... same guy said he would take care of hindus if police remains 15 min silent ....

regarding Islamic education ... open it where your community is in large number ...mini pakistans needs Islamic education as their boys are dragged to Karachi projects run by ISI ... who cares for university ... It is not university at all ...It is purposefully done to create rift ..we have plenty of quality universities ...
Like [8]Dislike [5] #9 ajju, Jubail2013-10-07
Guys just forget about the 0.5% of Muslims.. First just count how many protesters are there behind you! :lol:

may be max 20 to 25 people ..

Just for 20 people of you Islamic School shud be banned??

Whether its Hindu O Muslim population, It doesn't Matter; what counts it education
Like [5]Dislike [4] #8 ajju, jubail2013-10-07
just forget about 0.5% of Muslims in Thirupathi, first just c how many followers are there in your protest? :-)

whether its Hindu o Muslim population, it doesn't matters..the point is of education...
Like [16]Dislike [4] #7 gayathri, AP2013-10-07
Naren kotian, padubidri for your kind information university going to build on the place which is 70km away from Tirupati temple.In Karnataka these sangaparivar element making noise to mislead people and fish some votes.Here in Tirupati no one bothered about this issue
Like [3]Dislike [11] #6 naren kotian, padubidri2013-10-07
temple permission and govt records prakara within 20 km radius yaava bere dharma da worshipbaro haagilla ....

shanu bhai ... whom do u call desh drohi ... anandannna is certainly not a desh drohi ... we all know who are desh drohi ..
Like [9]Dislike [3] #5 shanu, kuwait2013-10-07
Anand Desh drohi sagantan tumko hi mubarak hoooo....
Like [24]Dislike [6] #4 FAIZAL, DXB2013-10-07
No medicine for Jealous....It's a cancer and stink your heart further, why temple permission required build any university????
Like [19]Dislike [5] #3 Althaf, Kaup/Doha2013-10-07
Pic no#2 Looks So funny.. I cant stop Laughing ... :D :D :D :D
Like [24]Dislike [5] #2 Ahmed Atif, Qatar/Udupi2013-10-07
Heera Islamic University..???? gud move by the Govt. but i doubt on its execution becouse whenever election comes congress start announcing big big minority projects but at the end no execution...guy's these all are political stunt by the gvt..BJP start opposing, Congress Starts defending, in between muslims are just the scapegoats...Abbey Salon Sudro Yaaro...!!
Like [8]Dislike [37] #1 Anand, Pipariya,India2013-10-07
1>Vote for BJP,join RSS and VHP.
Stop appeasement

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