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Sunday, 19 March 2017 09:49

Hindutva hardliner Yogi Adityanath to be next Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

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Lucknow, Mar 19: Springing a surprise, the BJP on Saturday nominated firebrand saffron leader Yogi Adityanath as the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. UP BJP president Keshav Prasad Maurya and Lucknow Mayor Dinesh Sharma are the deputy chief ministers.adityanath

Adityanath, the ‘mahant’ (head priest) of the famous Gorakhnath Peeth in Gorakhpur, was unanimously elected leader of the BJP Legislature Party at its meeting here in the presence of Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu and BJP general secretary Bhupendra Yadav, who were sent in as observers.

“Adityanath was elected unanimously at the meeting of the legislators,” Naidu told reporters. Naidu said no other name was proposed at the meeting.

Adityanath (44), the Lok Sabha MP from Gorakhpur, met Governor Ram Naik and staked claim to form the government. He will be sworn in as the 21st chief minister of the state on Sunday.

The other members of the cabinet would be announced on Sunday, ahead of the swearing-in ceremony.

The drama
Much drama preceded Adityanath’s nomination. In the afternoon, his name started making the rounds, replacing that of Union minister Manoj Sinha and others as likely candidates for the top post.

Adityanath rushed to Delhi, where he had a long meeting with BJP president Amit Shah and vice president Om Mathur. Later, Adityanath went to Lucknow with Maurya and Mathur.

Adityanath was closeted with Naidu and Bhupendra for around 30 minutes, after which they participated in the meeting of the legislators.

The suspense over the chief minister continued till the last minute and none of the 325 legislators from the BJP and its allies seemed to have any inkling of the party’s choice.

Naidu said after his election as leader of the legislature party, Adityanath urged the party leadership to let two senior colleagues assist him in administration. Naidu said on his request, the party leadership allowed Adityanath to have two deputies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Shah would be present at the swearing-in ceremony.

“The chief ministers of the states ruled by the BJP and its alliance partners have also been invited to attend the oath-taking ceremony,” Naidu said.

He said the mandate for the BJP in the UP polls was historic, adding, “It is a watershed moment for the BJP. It has proved that the nation wants to move with Modi.”

The main agenda of the party in UP would be development and good governance, he said.

“It’s a mandate against corruption, black money, caste and communal politics... people have supported us cutting across caste lines,” Naidu added. “We will together ensure the development of UP, and end goonda raj,” Adityanath said, addressing the newly elected legislators of the BJP and its alliance partners Apna Dal and Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party.

Sources said BJP MLA from Shahjahanpur Sauresh Khanna moved the proposal for electing Adityanath as the leader of the legislature party.

A large number of Adityanath supporters descended on the state capital from Gorakhpur and nearby districts and chanted slogans in his favour outside the venue of the meeting. Even before the polls, his supporters had demanded that he be declared the chief ministerial face of the party. Adityanath was one of the star campaigners of the BJP and addressed close to 100 election meetings in different parts of the state.
Who is Adityanath?

-Firebrand Hindutva advocate, Adityanath’s remarks often trigger controversy
-Head priest at Gorakhnath temple; founder of vigilante group Hindu Yuva Vahini
-Won Gorakhpur seat five times; at 26 was youngest member of 12th Lok Sabha
-Had differences with BJP in the past; in 2007 over ticket distribution



Like [1]Dislike [0] #13 naren kotian, singapore2017-03-20
hahaha alla althaf ... when AAP won in delhi with one jihadists vote ,EVM tamper aglilla , when TMC which has the backing of ISIS EVM was not tampered ? , when CHOR lalu + nithish won with Jihadists votes EVM was not tampered , when Khangrace got thumping victory in Punjab , EVM was not tampered ... bark sirji ... other than this what else u can do ... hahaha ... burnol supply ilva nimma oornalli ... bekadre heli .. kalsi koduva :)
Like [0]Dislike [1] #12 Althaf, Doha2017-03-20
Dear Naren
"our aim is karantaka now" Exactly by the same way of cheating in voting machine that you chaddi's have done in UP
Like [4]Dislike [2] #11 Sameer, Mangalore2017-03-19
Naren babu we feel funny to read your comments.. The way you show your frustration here we can understand how your mind and soul is filled with hate. We advise you to come back here (India) and join army or politics and then you can show your anger your frustrations publicly.. As there is one old dialogue Barking Dogs Never Bites.. So in some or the other way it suits you.. So please come to your motherland and join as i advised you..
Like [4]Dislike [0] #10 Mohammed, Mangalore2017-03-19
Why this hue and cry about Jogi being the CM of UP when BJP had a clear majority and muslims did not vote for one party or split the vote by giving to MIM party whose leader Owaisi should be blamed for. Owaisi had been labeled as BJP agent which clearly shows in this election. He should not have put people from his party against muslim candidates clearly knowing that the votes will be split. He is a barrister and party leader and says is a muslim first. We should bear the consequences for our failure and stop blaming BJP as majority of the hindus voted for BJP smartly.
Like [4]Dislike [1] #9 naren kotian, singapore2017-03-19
hahaha Mr Arif , my comments are not pointed towards u ... i am just celebrating my icons victory and his elevation ... anti national jihadi galanna hodibeku andre papa nimge yaake para para anthade ... burnol or itch guard beka ? hahaha...nimma religion 6th century nalli bandaga ,pharoah nu irlilla , nooh matter islam ge connect age illa ... sumne chain link madbedri ... you speak about tymoor , aurangazeb, tippu , khalid bin walid , saladdin ( followers of islam), adu bittu dont talk like immatured madrasa products .even changez khan was not a muslim . who cares about ur judgement day boss ? hahaha comedy .... swamy ... democracy idu ... nimma game neevu aadi ... namma game naavu adthivi ... hogree biryani tinni hogi ... sumne nange lecture kodlikke barbedi ... i dont believe in sikularism , i believe in secularism , which emphasis nation above religion ...sorry better comment on subject not on my message ...
Like [6]Dislike [1] #8 Naren kotian, Singapore2017-03-19
Fairmen. .when third rated Islamic jihad breeds.50 rs bullet will be in the head of jihadi...who commits anti india activities ....just like 8 men of simi got 72 Virgins in MP.hahaha
Like [13]Dislike [2] #7 Arif, Mangaluru2017-03-19
Mr.Naren kotian, your hate for Muslims is killing you within. Check your heart before sleeping every night. If it is not treated, it will affect you only and no one else. Learn to co-exist from the country you are living right now. I invite you to Islam and die as Muslims before the reality struck you.

As regard to Mr.Yogi, we are not at all afraid of him, because we are the people who are awaiting Dajjal (the worst of creatures). So Mr.Yogi or as such anyone is not an issue at all. As Muslims we have confronted every type of enemy -from the people of Nooh(p.b.u.h), people of Ibrahim (p.b.u.h), people of Aad & Samood, People of Lut (p.b.u.h), Pharoahs, Mushriks of Makkah and present days left right, center wing enemies. So nothing is new for us and we have been told in Quran that Muslims (i.e. true followers of Prophets) will have enemies till the day of judgement takes place.
Like [0]Dislike [2] #6 Skazi, Mangalore2017-03-19
Naren, when are you going to join this yogi, to take out the women from graves and rape them ???... enjoy the snake food festival with him . Prove your DNA.....
Like [4]Dislike [4] #5 Fairman, India2017-03-19
People will watch his movement.

Any over smartness causing injustice will cost very dearly.
When justice fails, it breeds the real terrorism.

God save the nation.
Like [2]Dislike [2] #4 Roshan, Mani2017-03-19
Naren..........Hai Hai Hai MODI....... Its the beginning of an end....why? because JOGI was kept as barking dog regarding as ADNAVI and others were doing for issues like BABRI Masjid...... as they wanted the issues to be alive ......( knowing that the issue can only be solved by court).........So now JOGI in trouble ...he can not do as he was barking.........reality is different
Like [1]Dislike [3] #3 KhasaiKhane, Gowripalya2017-03-19
LOL... Sanghi gets orgasm over this ugly/unclean leader of hindutva becoming CM...!

Your choices of candidates for ruling your Bharat Mata - Modi, Adityanath, Vomit Shah, ..... LOL!!!
Like [6]Dislike [24] #2 naren kotian, singapore2017-03-19
hara hara modi ... hindu hrudaya samrat shri shri gorakha peetadhyaksha shri shri yogi adithyanath ... he is the right choice to end anti india jihadists goondaism in UP ...we must emulate it every where and make the life of jihadists miserable . inshallah ... we will achieve it by hook or crook . our aim is karantaka now ... we must explain each and every hindus about discrimination done by khan grace by granting huge bhagyas for one particular community ... we must reach out to young minds ... sangh penetration into the hearts of common hindus must be tripled ... jai sri ram ... today i am proud to say i am a right wing ultra nationalist .... dont believe in sikularism anymore ... India is for nationalist indians , who believe in vande mataram ... jai sri ram ....
Like [1]Dislike [3] #1 Raja, International2017-03-19
Desh barbadi ke tarf mudchuka hai

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