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Wednesday, 19 April 2017 14:41

Islamic organisations concerned over politicization of Qureshi case

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Mangaluru, Apr 19: Even as preparations are afoot for the ‘Mangaluru Chalo’, a protest meet against the alleged police atrocity on Ahmed Qureshi, an accused in multiple criminal cases, several Islamic scholars belonging to various organisations have expressed concern over the politicisation of the case.


Former Mangaluru Mayor K Ashraf, who is also the convener of the United Muslim Front, has claimed that over 60 organisations have extended their support for the protest meet scheduled to be held on May 2 at Nehru Maidan in the heart of the city.

However, prominent leaders of Muslim Central Committee, the official umbrella body of Muslim organisations from Dakhsina Kannada and Udupi districts, have opposed the planned event and called it a politically motivated move.

The local units of major Islamic organisations such as SKSSF, SSF, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and Khazis of Mangaluru, Ullal and Udupi too have refrained from endorsing the agitation.

Activist gets threat calls

Meanwhile, Umar U H, a social activist, has reportedly received several threat calls after he questioned the real intention behind the ongoing campaign against Mangaluru police.

Mr Umar, who is also the president of a city-based Muslim literary association, says that even though the government has ordered a CID inquiry into the case of alleged police atrocity, a section of people are trying to get political mileage. “The ‘justice for Qureshi’ campaign has turned into a movement against U T Khader and B Ramanath Rai, the two prominent ministers from Dakshina Kannada district,” he laments, while pointing out that Qureshi doesn’t hail from the constituencies of the above two ministers.

“Qureshi is an accused. I am aware that he was reportedly tortured. However, using this case to target someone who they don’t like and trying to gain political benefits is a matter of shame,” says Mr Umar.

Claims and allegations

Ahmed Qureshi (25), a resident of Katipalla, was produced before the magistrate on March 27 by the police, who claimed that he was arrested on March 26 in connection with an attempt to murder case. Qureshi had stated that the injury marks on his body were the result of a road accident.

However, later Qureshi claimed that he was actually picked by the police on March 21 and that he was brutally tortured in the illegal confinement. He also claimed that the police had forced him to give false statement about his injuries by threatening to implicate him in unsolved Karthik Raj murder case.

According to police, Qureshi is an accused in two attempt-to-murder cases — attack on Sudarshan in Surathkal (2014) and attack on Prakash Poojary in Jokatte (2016) — apart from other cases.

The issue of alleged atrocity on Qureshi snowballed into a major controversy after the police canned the activists of PFI when they staged a protest in front of the office of police commissioner in Mangaluru on April 4. Apart from demanding action against those who tortured Qureshi, the protesters had also warned the police against arresting Khader Kulai, a local leader of PFI, who is also an accused in an attempt to murder case.

Community dragged into controversy?

Meanwhile, many Islamic scholars have expressed displeasure over attempts to turn the issue of police atrocity on an accused into a conflict between Muslims and police department.

“Custodial torture is condemnable. At the same time, the attempt to throw the entire community’s weight behind an accused in two murder attempt cases is also condemnable. If Qureshi is innocent, they should fight for him legally instead of blowing the issue out of proportion” said a cleric, on condition of anonymity.

“When you glorify an uneducated person with criminal background just because he belongs to your religion, you actually defame your religion. This religion has produced thousands of great scholars, thinkers and scientists. They should be your role models and not uneducated people,” said another cleric.

Stating that insulting police and using foul words against them is a non-Islamic act, an Islamic scholar said that religion advises people to be kind to all. “Quran teaches us that the God had asked Prophet Moses (a) to speak gently even with Pharaoh, the worst tyrant in the history of mankind. If one follows Quran, he cannot be rude with anyone. Then, how can we consider entire police department as our enemy? They are also human beings like us. You can find good and bad elements everywhere,” he said, adding that Prophet Muhammad(s) had exhorted the Muslims not to be communal and suspicious. 



Like [3]Dislike [3] #39 HANEEF, mangalore2017-04-20
@#34 Amir Sham ,mind your language,,dont use munafiq word, do you know what is the meaning of munaafiq? PFI working for community ,not working for MRM like you mind it''''''
Like [5]Dislike [0] #38 shameer Konage, Konage2017-04-20
Our humble request with Umar, Nadvi, so claimed “Muslim leaders” & their comfort followers of DK district, to do not involve in this March, which is organized for Justice.

We Muslim community aware that, it is the issue of your status in congress zone but it is issue of our lives in earth. The result of march may not be bearable to you all, don’t worry about congress vote bank, Muslim community will cast their vote to congress again in 2018 so you guys can become Member or president of Panchayat, academy or Moda or booda etc etc. don’t worry about your future, please let us know if these prominent Ministers were not helped you to get dreamt positions due our Mangalore chalo, we will organize one more march to Bangalore for your shake, Sure our innocent community will stand with you as well

some comport resident says. government order for CID enquiry. do anyone calculated how many enquiry commissions were made muslims community ? countless.... can any one says action which was taken based on these commission report? nothing. A dalit from Konage can get justice for his torture easily. we congratulate him. at least he got justice but why not a muslim ?

We here gathered for justice, no doubt. We will march to Mangalore on 2nd May. In shaa allah. One more thing, we are well aware of meaning for “communalism’, Here no one oppose legal action against the Qureshi, if he was culprit. Only question is about atrocity, illegal action peaceful demonstration.
Like [1]Dislike [0] #37 A. Mangalore, Mangalore. KSA2017-04-20
I am totally against 5 - 6 members of Police team who tortured Qureshi followed by wrong information given by the Commissioner and it is clear that the Police tried to twist the case. Whatever PFI and leaders like Ex Mayor has did was really commendable. You are poor muslim's voice. I really hats off to you.

Due to the above action and organized protest from PFI and Ex Mayor and other leaders now the Government has ordered CID inquire. Just wait for the result and keep follow Qureshi whether the police trying to take him and torture.

Further please stop any agitation or Mangalore Chalo. And don't blame entire police is bad. A few policemen and officers are definitely wearing khaki chaddie inside their khaki trouser but 90% policemen are good .

It is foolish to blame Ministers.
When some of our friends are blaming Coastal digest has made me laugh. CD is doing its best to cover impartial news. We don't need any media which is supporting one community or one party. CD's above news is one side fact of this incidents.

Be calm let us wait what CID is doing.

Always fight against injustice . Good luck and God bless our leaders.
Like [3]Dislike [7] #36 My Name is Khan, I am not a Terrorist2017-04-20
See the real face of PFI jihadists:
They are supporting Qureshi, who is an accused in ganja peddling and two murder attempt cases.
But they are abusing Umar U H, who is associated with education and career guidance. His only crime is he spoke out when goons threatened him.
Dear monkeys: Who is useful for this community? The one who is spreading awareness about education and guiding students or the one who supplying ganja to students and creating communal riot by trying to kill Hindus?
Like [4]Dislike [1] #35 Abdulla Monu, Dubai2017-04-20
come on guys-just respect the sacrifices PFI cadres are making! what ever their method of functioning,but don't doubt their commitment & struggle to community cause.

U.H.Umer is looking for some green pasture through UTK and Rai. What is his sacrifice to community cause, how many struggles he fought for the oppressed and depressed. You can see him on press meets and then vanish

Come on Umer- Let the boys face the heat. Even some people doubt that you are a "Police Khabari" as well as a "Fake Naxalvaadi"

So keep your hands off from community affairs
Like [2]Dislike [1] #34 Aamir sha, Bunder2017-04-19
i thank coastal digest for a wonderful stage for biased and munafiqs... they actually wanted to oppose Pfi . they are in jealous. even in this situation... they tried a lot to find their way to express their faces. but muslim community not given chance but finally they got chance here. who is umar. what is his role in community development? he was giving guidance for money? he was promoting his business. stand with congress for some position in beary or bory acadamy etc. he was one of comfort resident.
Like [2]Dislike [0] #33 Sadik ali, Mangalore2017-04-19
if Qureshi was a culprit..... let court can punish him... your question is about torture. which law of our constitution allowed for it? what is Umar's role or Prominent ministers role in providing justice to recently released terror accused? what is their strategy? they all are stand with congress. and in some issues... which media will cover. thats alll
Like [2]Dislike [0] #32 azeez, kallarpe2017-04-19
What the baqvas you are saying, please leave your divide and rule policy.
All ulama organization supported kureshi movement. Dont spread fake news.

I also condemn umer uH who is one of the main culprit behind this..
Like [3]Dislike [0] #31 Rashid, shj2017-04-19
It is absurd to question intention of innocent protesters and sincere effort of PFI cadres ... it is absurd to feel any kind of political gain... it is ruling political masters afraid of unity of Ummah may feel losing of their vote bank... nowadays these masters of so called org also involved in politics ... they never fight for cause of community but always promoted sectarian... now community united against atrocities of administration , instead of supporting it , try to divide it ... it is open case of 'nifaq'... i feel community may understand it.
Like [5]Dislike [1] #30 Ahmed, Bajpe2017-04-19
Well this is common, these peple have always done this. CD specially is a congress sponcered, so no shock in this article.
Well ashraf kinara was part of press meet called before 3 days who represents SSF so please do no include them. Also JIh, skssf had all condemned police attrocity.
what is we need now is the proof for the claim.. said a cleric.. said is bla bla bla.. we no more believe in this masala.. if you have guts... name those cleric or whovever.. i know you cannot because no one has given those statement.
Like [3]Dislike [4] #29 hurt fan, Saudi Arabia2017-04-19
Go to hell entire coastaldigest.com team including Nadvi. feenari jahannam...
Like [3]Dislike [4] #28 Javid, Qatar2017-04-19
i am confused with some of the comments targeting coastaldigest.
they have put forword all the statement in this article starting from the arrest of qureshi to the torture by police his statement and the protest by pfi and police attacking the protesters to the statement given by the local leaders i appreciate the efforts of the writer he is trying to convince we muslims how we can fight peacefully without politicization issues
Like [4]Dislike [1] #27 Mutalib, Saudi Arabia2017-04-19
I am big Fan of Coastaldigest. through such reports you are educating the people to avoid any misconception about Islam and its Followers. we have been living in this countries for decades lets continue the that brotherhood In sha Allah

Also got to Know coastaldigest will be launching the TV Channel. Eagerly waiting for that day.

Good Luck.
Like [4]Dislike [5] #26 Pittus, Kudla2017-04-19
Enchina saavuda politics maaarrrre nikulna? Why can't you guys get good education and start doing some good job instead of indulging in this kind of ugly politics?

Anyway I am happy that few muslim clerics have spoke out. but they are afraid to tell their names as they know that an organisaton backed by ganja peddlers can to stoop to any level. Already one activist got threat call!
Like [6]Dislike [0] #25 Imran, Mangalore2017-04-19
Dear Muslim Brothers.

we should understand the intention of the writter he had adviced us how we can avoid such issues by educating our young brothers islam know for peace we as a muslims react when some one raise voice against Islam i totally agree we should defend our religion but mean time even we should understand the way of doing it we should be good enf to understand the difference between right and wrong when sonu comment on our Azaan whole india reacted to that including me but azaan is simply a wake up call for prayer how many of them follow that not even the 10% muslims pray fajr in masjid so we have given them this opportunity people like sonu to speak on azaan so lets work on such issues how we can educate young ones by educating them with right way to follow islam if its unite among muslim even i will be part of it if its in the way of islam.
Like [2]Dislike [7] #24 Sinan, Krishinapur/KSA2017-04-19
Qureshi hails from Mangaluru north constituency represented by MLA Mohiuddin Bava. But these PFI and parivar only targeting UTK and Rai.

PFI wants to save gajna peddlers and killers, but wants to defeat a great personality like UTK.
Like [2]Dislike [4] #23 Fan, Dubai2017-04-19
This is why I love coastaldigest.com. you guys will not hesitate to tell the truth. Kudos to Amaco group which took a bold initiative years ago and built a strong team of journalists in Mangalore. May god bless you.
Like [4]Dislike [1] #22 Samad, Mangalore2017-04-19
Dear Editor,
With respect to your opinion, this issue gained this much of attention only because of these two ministers whom you mentioned in report failed to sort out in the initial stage. Whenever there are issues related to Muslim community, why secularism comes as obstacles them to protect victims. If accused is actual culprit let the police take legal action. But this accused has been tortured by police (agreed by all) and concerned authority (specially commissioner and Ministers) acted irresponsible in their act. So quit naturally people expressed their anguish. Finally do not give much importance to Mr. Umer UH as who he never represented community and nor this is expected by him to represent.
Secondly some of the Muslims Ulemas (Scholars) are always finding minute dust from issues. This issue will settle once they take stringent action against man-eater attitude police. (with due respect to all sincere police personnel)
Like [4]Dislike [3] #21 Abdullah, Mangalore2017-04-19
If your, own son,Father or Brother Brutally tortured means what will you do? These political leaders and political Mullas don't want Muslims unity. Because of them only we are suffering in India.
How ever no one fighting here or making trouble to any innocent. They demanding for justice. They asking only to punish the culprits. If political minded selfish leaders and mullas don't want to support means no problem But they should shut their ass and mouth. The Central Committee also under Cong RSS leaders.
Like [12]Dislike [0] #20 Ahmed, Dammam2017-04-19
Expected this article in coastal digest , other wise UT khader would have sung " Dost dost naa raha"
Like [4]Dislike [2] #19 PK, Mangalore2017-04-19
hahahah. initially we thought it's Muslims v/s police. Now realized its Muslims v/s PFI... mangaloreans should be careful about communal outfits like Bajrang dal, VHP, PFI. all of them are brothers in hatred. Bajrangis try to hijack hindus and PFI tries to hijack muslims. both are same.
Like [9]Dislike [3] #18 Sabir, KSA2017-04-19
1. Said a cleric
2. Said another cleric
3. An islamic scholar said....

what the hell happening ????
why cant you name these people.
Like [2]Dislike [5] #17 Nisthar, Mangalore2017-04-19
On April 4 PFI activists came in three batches to lay siege to commisisoner's office. The batch of leaders was completely safe. the police targeted only the poor and innocent followers of their selfish leaders. The leaders had asked the followers not to vacate the place even if they die.
Like [4]Dislike [7] #16 Junaid, Kaup / Saudi Arabia2017-04-19
Role Models of Muslims: Imam Bukhari, Salahuddin Ayyoobi, Al-Zahravi, Imam Shafi, Haroon Rasheed, etc..

Role models of PFI: Madooru Isubu, Ahmed Qureshi, etc...

Lol Lol Lol... wake up guys... Unite for a better cause.. not for hatred and grudge against police
Like [10]Dislike [3] #15 Fakemedia, Mangalore2017-04-19
Congratulations coastal fake digest..!!

Plz continue to make fitna and fasaad..!!

Even you will succeed in earth..!!

Allah is watching all of us..!!
Like [3]Dislike [4] #14 shaan, Mangalore2017-04-19
I Exactly Agree with Mr. Sirajuddin Nadvi ,

We Muslims should unite to follow the teachings of Islam. We should Guide our Youngsters to stay away from criminal activities the basic problem here we fight for such issues but we fail to follow the teachings of Islam
Islam has the solutions for all the problems
May ALLAH guide us all to the right path.
Like [3]Dislike [5] #13 Dheeraj, Udupi2017-04-19
Thanks Mr Sirajuddin Nadvi for your bold message to muslims. You have also enlightened us with noble Islamic and Quranic messages. Thanks CD too for being impartial.
Like [7]Dislike [3] #12 Nabeel Ahmed, Saudi arabia2017-04-19
Mr Mohammed Shaheed, Dont try to teach me about islam.Al hamdulillah i am well known.If someone raising voice for muslim unity you feel like thats for selling ganja and commiting murder.I want know from what is the bad thing i wrote in my comment?Shame one you Chela of Minister saab
Like [6]Dislike [8] #11 Mohammed Shaheed, Mangaluru2017-04-19
Dear Mr Nabeel Ahmed (Comment 8)

Unity of Muslims for what? To sell ganja or to commit murder?

Be united in good deeds and follow Islam in ur life instead of following Bajrang Dal.

Remember that all of us have to die one day and stand before the almighty.
Like [5]Dislike [10] #10 suvin, mangalore2017-04-19
all criminal who want to escape please contact united front for criminals
Like [6]Dislike [3] #9 Muhammad, Abu Dhabi2017-04-19
Why CD was Support such a Week Minister & MLA we never see before.

This is th Unity of Muslim dont talk about anythink we will Do Mangalore Challo.


Umar UH Dont be a Hero , we Know who take action and who is behind the Qureshi Issue.

We Support you for socila Work but now Muslim Security Issue .
Like [5]Dislike [2] #8 Nabeel Ahmed, Mangalore2017-04-19
Nobody is concerned except coastal digest portal and his friend Minister saab. In shaa allah we will show you the unity of muslims on May 2 nd.
Like [3]Dislike [3] #7 NoName, Mangalore2017-04-19
"Peace Lovers" wanted to make the issue bigger and against police.
Like [3]Dislike [2] #6 Sangeeth, Mangalore2017-04-19
Who knows Qureshi said the truth first and second he lied because of "Muslim" organisations.
Like [3]Dislike [1] #5 Truth, Mangalore2017-04-19
Muslim organisations distorted and they wanted to make it against police... Shame on you
Like [2]Dislike [2] #4 Unknown, Mangalore2017-04-19
Those Muslim org gave the face of communal
Like [9]Dislike [4] #3 Sadi, Mangalore2017-04-19
Today i came to know that whats the meaning of "Paid media" and "appeasing"
Like [14]Dislike [4] #2 Nabeel Ahmed, Saudi arabia2017-04-19
Shame on you Mr Umar and coastal digest for publishing this kind of false news to divide the unity between muslims. Whatever you do 'Mangalore chalo' will happen at any cost. There is no politicalisation of this matter. If Quraish is accused in any murder attempt case there is court will decide. In shaa allah Nobody among muslims will not listen you people.
Like [13]Dislike [7] #1 BAJRANI DIGEST, BAJARANG NAGAR2017-04-19
Since when did the coastal digest became a bajrangi news portal? Instead of uniting all under one banner, you guys are promoting division & enemity... Guess minister khadar's friendship has sponsored these kind of news lol

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