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Monday, 12 December 2011 15:45

Father stabs daughter in front of police for deciding to marry a Muslim

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Mangalore, December 12: In what could be called as the height of brutality, a woman from Dakshina Kannada was cruelly stabbed by her own father inside a police station in Chikmagalur, sources said.

The victim has been identified as Mamata from Puttur in Dakshina Kannada district. Her father Ramachandra is the accused.

According to sources, the reason behind the anger of the assailant was that her daughter had decided to embrace Islam after falling in love with a Muslim youth.

It is learnt that Mamata was in deep love with one Mohammed Mohiyuddeen from Chikmagalur since last four years. Their marriage was scheduled to take place in Chikmagalur on Monday.

However, bowing to the pressure from Mamata’s father and some organisations, Basavanahalli police had taken her for enquiry. When she clarified the police that it was her own decision to marry a Muslim youth, Ramachandra stabbed her.

She was immediately rushed to the Government Hospital.



Like [0]Dislike [7] #4 Alfred Dmello, jama2016-09-26
Love jihad....to ruin women's life....convert marry the thalaq , use kids for bombing....byri byri ullah
Like [10]Dislike [2] #3 ABDUL AZIZ, mangalore2015-07-25
why muslims youth are behind these girls. let them marry from withing our own caste , religion, , if someone marry intercaste then who will marry muslim girls.
Like [18]Dislike [2] #2 SHARIEF SULTAN, KSA2013-03-04
There are some points to be studied. In most of the cases the decision comes from the male counterpart. We Indians only say, the women are highly respected in our tradition. In contrary, it is absurd. The girls are not really take care of. Because, they are right from the beginning allowed to bring-up in so called male -female mixed society. In the education system, too they are mingled easily. The ladies are also allowed freely to work in male-female combined atmosphere. It means the girls so carelessly, without mercy allowed to slip into the clutches of male. Coming to back to square one, this is the same reason, why Islam utterly prevents to avert such mishaps, in view of broad protection to the girls. Is it not wise to prevent from beginning rather than to succumb to these malpractices. Therefore in Islam, those parents have of very high place who take care of their girls with a a protected environment. Islam always supports the girls to study as much as possible. Meanwhile there is no compromise with their protection. There is nothing wrong, everyone can practice regardless of his original faith to what religion to they belong to. Instead of just telling as slogan, " In Indian Culture the women are highly respected" let us practice it practically. Then our girls will be always safer.
Like [17]Dislike [8] #1 HIDAYA, KSA2013-02-03

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