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‘Breakthrough to Excellence’: Al-Falah holds annual meet

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Marafiq: Al-Falah Engineers & Constructors is one of the leading organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The annual meet with the theme of “Breakthrough to Excellence” for the term 2016-17 was held in Marafiq Beach Camp with 140 Energetic Employees from all Province branches of Al-Falah. The meeting was tremendously hosted by Mr. Sajid: “We feel proud to be the part of Al-Falah. Although we have miles to go, we need to celebrate each and every mile stone in order to go ahead with added enthusiasm.”

al falah 2

Meeting was inaugurated by reciting Quran by Mr. Sajid and after recitation Mr. Ahmad Khan & Mr. Khalid together started withreviewing the Group’s 2016 results, financial report and ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ for 2017 and given good presentation on ‘Vision 2017’. HR Manager Mr. Rizwan explained some important points to make HR improve and highlighted some policy for the year 2017.

CEO Mr. NazeerHussain underlined: We delivered this performance in 2016 while at the same time continuing to see more growth in the future, in business development, in our brands and our new divisions as well as in our organization and our employees. In this way, we ensure that we have the right initiatives, skills and expertise to grasp the numerous opportunities around us to continue to deliver profitable growth. It is this balance between delivering today and building for the future that characterizes Al-Falah.

He Concluded: “we are aware of many challenges ahead, but also of the numerous opportunities and we are organizing ourselves to grasp these. All of us, who serve Al-Falah, we commit each day, all over the Kingdom, we will lead in all divisions In Sha Allah”.

Annual Employees Awards:
Annual Employees awards honors the most innovative, multi-task and impactful efforts by an Al-Falah employee that represent the very best of what can and should be done to raise personality development.

 Mr. IqbalBaikampady, Project Coordinator, Al-Falah Group of Co.,Yanbu Branch. KSA
Best Outstanding Coordinator of the year 2016
 Mr. Khalid, Accounts Manager, Al-Falah Group of Co. UAE & KSA
Best Outstanding Performance in National/International Level
 Mr. Robinson, Sales Manager, Al-Falah Group of Co., IM BM & Mahindra. KSA
Best Outstanding Punctuality for Maintaining Team
 Mr. Riyaz& Mr. Amalnathan, Al-Falah Group of Co., Service Team. KSA
Best Outstanding Performance in Service
 Mr. Ibrahim, Al-Falah Group of Co., Jizan Branch. KSA
Best Outstanding Performance in Maintenance

Annual Sports Gala:

"I am honored to announce that the first time this prestigious Al-Falah annual sporting event has ever been held in Jubail." And we pray Allah to strengthen our spirit same in upcoming annual sports events.

Treasure Hunt:

 Winners: Al-Falah Group of Co., Rental Team. KSA
 Runners: Al-Falah Group of Co., Service Team. KSA


 Winners: Al-Falah Group of Co., Rental Team. KSA
 Runners: Al-Falah Group of Co., Manpower Team. KSA


 Winners: Al-Falah Group of Co., Manpower Team. KSA
 Runners:Al-Falah Group of Co., Rental Team. KSA
Tug Of War:

 Winners: Al-Falah Group of Co., Manpower Team. KSA
 Runners: Al-Falah Group of Co., Service Team. KSA

Individual Games were:

 100 & 200 meter Winner : Mr. Musain of Service Team

 Shot Put & Discus Throw Winner : Mr. Rameez of Rental Team

 Musical Chair Winner : Mr. Kabeer of Rental Team

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al falah 7

al falah 8

al falah 9

al falah 10

al falah 11

al falah 12

al falah 13

al falah 14

al falah 15

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Masha Allah... Good Job!!!!! may Allah accept all our good deeds and give success in this world as well as akhiraa....

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