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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 08:59

Pakistani girl congratulates PM Modi for UP victory, calls for turning focus on 'peace'

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Islamabad, Mar 15: Congratulating Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) historic mandate in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections, an eleven year old Pakistani school girl wrote to him saying that he should now focus towards winning more hearts of Indians and Pakistanis alike, by becoming a bridge of peace between the two nations.

naveedIn her letter, Aqeedat Naveed highlighted on the need for peace between India and Pakistan, and said that Prime Minister Modi can help speed up the process, reports DunyaNews.

"Once my father told me that winning of hearts is a marvelous job. Perhaps you have won the hearts of Indian people, therefore you won the election in UP. But I must tell you if you want to win more Indian and Pakistani hearts, you should take steps towards friendship and peace. Both countries need good relation. Let's make a peace bridge between India and Pakistan. Let's decide that we will not buy bullets, will buy books. We will not buy the guns, will buy the medicine for the poor people," Aqeedat wrote in the two page letter.

She further emphasized that the choice between peace and conflict lies open for both the nations, and signed off by congratulating the Prime Minister for the UP Polls victory.



Like [2]Dislike [0] #3 Skazi, Mangalore2017-03-15
Kotian ....Why you are not airing your frustration against the COW MEAT export from Gujrat in India ????...... Why you are silent against the BJP govt of GOA which is not banning COW SLAUGHTER ???????
Do you know who carried out Akshamdam temple attack, Hyderabad attack and so many other attacks, which our Police and Judiciary failed to catch the CRIMINALS.... Hope you are not among them... Your asylum in Singapore gives some doubts .... We are not able to conduct the election of one state in one phase and we need 35 days .....Mera Bharat Mahan

Aqeedat Naveed .... Do not be carried out by these election results.... BJP got 38 % of vote share and there are 62 % of the public who are opposing this Google certificate holder .....
Like [0]Dislike [2] #2 Narahari, India2017-03-15
I fully agree with u naren. Convince this to Modi too. let him stop sending sarees to pakistani aunts and celebrating birth day of killers of Indian soldiers.
Like [0]Dislike [6] #1 naren kotian, singapore2017-03-15
sorry no need for this gimmick ... stop millitancy ... we are not at all interested in peace deal with pakistan which compromises indian security , jihadisst are worried about hype activities of RAW in CPEC belts and they are worried about water share ... no mercy ... let them die without water ... divert all water to indian cities ...death to pakistan

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