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Aerobic exercise may help treat drug or alcohol addiction, says study

Washington, May 31: Aerobic exercise can help treat drug or alcohol addiction by altering the brain’s reward system, a study has found. Also known as “cardio,” aerobic exercise is brisk exercise that increases heart rate, breathing and circulation of oxygen through the blood, and is associated with decreasing many negative health issues, including diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. It also...

Smoking down worldwide, but tobacco use still a major cause of death, disease: WHO

Geneva, May 31: Fewer people are smoking worldwide, especially women, but only one country in eight is on track to meet a target of reducing tobacco use significantly by 2025, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.

Three million people die prematurely each year due to tobacco use that causes cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and stroke,...

Most vitamins, mineral supplements have no health benefits

Washington, May 29: Turns out, most popular vitamin and mineral supplements provide no health benefit, contrary to popular belief.

According to a study conducted by the St. Michael's Hospital, common vitamin and mineral supplements have no consistent benefit for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke or premature death or no harm.

The systematic review of existing...

Scientists develop robust blood test that can detect liver damage in minutes

London, May 28: Scientists have developed a quick and robust blood test that can detect liver damage before the symptoms appear. The test developed by researchers from the University College London in the UK could address a huge need for early detection of liver disease. It distinguishes between samples taken from healthy individuals and those with varying degrees of liver...

Mystery behind large size of human brain unravelled

Paris, May 25: The human brain is disproportionately large. And while abundant grey matter confers certain intellectual advantages, sustaining a big brain is costly — consuming a fifth of energy in the human body.

It is an oddity that has long flummoxed scientists: while most organisms thrive with small brains, or none at all, the human species opted to...

Married couples share the risk of diabetes: Study

London, May 24: Your partner’s body mass index (BMI) can predict your risk of developing diabetes, according to a which found study has found that men are particularly more prone to developing the metabolic disease if their wife obese.

Researchers from University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University in Denmark examined data from 3,649 men and 3,478 women in the...

Obesity, here’s one surprising everyday habit that puts you at great risk

May 22: Removing your shoes when entering the house can help you stay slim as it prevents hormone-altering chemicals from accumulating indoors, a study suggests.

Obesity increasingly affects millions of people worldwide, with cases rising sharply in young children and babies - a trend which is not explained by evolving diets and lifestyles alone.


Bad calories have variations too, with some being more harmful than others 

While it is no secret that there are good calories as well as bad calories, turns out, in the bad category, there are variations too.

According to the University of California, Davis, sugar-sweetened beverages play a unique role in chronic health problems.

Calories from any food have the potential to increase the risk of obesity and other cardiometabolic...

Here's How IIT Madras Students Are Making Wound Healing Easier For Diabetics

Students at IIT Madras have developed a novel wound dressing material that would help diabetic patients heal faster. The dressing material uses graphene-based compounds. Wound healing in diabetic is not as rapid as compared to a normal, healthy individual. This delayed healing or non-healed wounds could lead to serious complications and in worse cases call for amputations too.


Sleep Duration May Affect Patients With Chronic Kidney Diseases; Try These Foods To Sleep Better

May 4: According to a study published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, while sleep duration matters a lot, it is specifically vital for patients with chronic kidney diseases.

Sleep duration may influence the health-related quality of life experienced by individuals with chronic kidney diseases (CKD). In patients with CKD, fatigue, lack...